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About Southern Defense

In light of the significant increase in the number of first-time firearm owners in 2020, Southern Defense aims to be a reliable source of ammunition, primers, firearm accessories, and knowledge that customers can depend on now and well into the future.

With a passion for the firearms industry, Southern Defense believes that all Americans should be able to exercise the rights granted by the 2nd Amendment in the form of responsible gun ownership. Based in Texas and founded by best friends Andrew Ngo and Nathaniel Boos, Southern Defense started from very humble beginnings, which consisted of buying and selling ammo to friends and family who did not have a dependable means of getting it themselves. When our customer base grew to more than just loved ones, it was time to evolve the side-gig to a full-fledged business.

Southern Defense is proud to offer dependable service and products to customers who value the importance of freedom and the 2nd Amendment. From great customer service to fantastic pricing, Southern Defense has it all.

Meet My Team

Nathaniel BoosCEO/Founder


Andrew NgoCFO/Founder