Fiocchi Company History

Fiocchi Munizioni is a 5th-generation ammunition maker, founded on July 3rd, 1876 by Giulio Fiocchi. As a leader during the transition from muzzleloading to breechloading firearms, Fiocchi began producing cartridges with primers for reloading. In the 1890s, Fiocci expanded its product line to include loaded metallic cartridges. After World War 2, Fiocci rebuilt its Italian factory after it had been bombed. It would then expand to open plants in the UK as well as in Missouri and Arkansas.

Carlo Fiocchi, a descendant of the founder, has stated that over 75% of Fiocchi ammunition sold in the United States is produced here. Until 2022, Fiocchi was entirely owned by the Fiocchi family, but on December 5th, 2022 Czechoslovak Group (CSG), a Czech manufacturer, acquired 70% of the company.

Michael Strnad, who owns CSG, wanted to add a small-arms manufacturer to his portfolio of aerospace, large-caliber military munitions, and heavy-duty truck manufacturing. CSG is a military supplier to Ukraine and has doubled its revenue in 2022 as the United States poured money into the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Fiocchi Ammo Lines: Rifle and Pistol

Hyperformance Hunt

This ammunition is designed to maximize hunting performance through a combination of high ballistic coefficient flat-shooting loads to bullets engineered for controlled expansion and maximum energy transfer. This combination results in great downrange terminal performance.

Hyperformance Match

This is match-grade ammunition, designed for extreme accuracy. Loaded with bullets checked for concentricity and weight tolerance and providing a high ballistic coefficient, this is a top-of-the-line factory match ammunition designed to compete with the best handloads.

Hyperformance Defense

Featuring high-velocity and low recoil, this category of modern defense ammunition is used by law enforcement and military forces. Offering a 38 grain hollow point at almost 2000 feet per second, Hyperformance is Fiocchi’s new addition to the carbine small caliber/high velocity trend.


This ammunition features all-copper hollow point bullets to maximize energy transfer and downrange ballistics for the hunter. This is done while also offering better accuracy and less barrel fouling. Flat trajectory, controlled and reliable bullet performance, and deeper penetration-that’s KnockDown.

Field Dynamics

Combining quality brass cases, lead-free primers, consistent powders and accurate bullets while offering affordability, this product line is appropriate for hunting or field use. Covering a range of calibers and loadings from varmints to the largest North American game, Field Dynamics is the ammunition you can count on to do the job while leaving money in your hunting budget.

Range Dynamics

When you’re hunting for the X-ring or that steel plate, Range Dynamics offers quality components and full-metal jacket reliability. If your idea of a range day involves a volume of ammunition to test your equipment or enjoy your day, Range Dynamics is your best shooting buddy.

Defense Dynamics

Fiocchi introduces the Defense Dynamics product line with a super high-velocity small caliber loading. Using jacketed soft point ammunition, this ammunition is built and tested to provide home or professional defense reliability and performance.

Cowboy Action

From six-shooters or lever guns to trapdoor Springfields, Cowboy Action ammunition will become your trusted range companion. These use smokeless powder and coated lead bullets, making them the clean modern version of classic loads.


Fiocchi is ideally suited to crafting ammunition in classic calibers, as it is one of the world’s oldest ammunition manufacturers. Now these classic loadings are available with modern components and reliability, making the Heritage line your collector firearm’s best friend.

Fiocchi Ammo Lines: Shotgun

Golden Series

Blending what was learned from making shotshells for Olympic and World-class competition with the technology developed for waterfowl and upland wingshooting, this product line is designed to be the best bird hunting shotshells available. From advanced primers and top quality hulls to engineered shot, Golden series delivers what waterfowl and upland hunters need and demand.

Golden Waterfowl Bismuth

This non-toxic bismuth loading combines high velocity with excellent energy, and predictable patterns at long range. Using high-density bismuth is a sealed hull, these shotshells deliver a lethal load at a docile price for your waterfowl hunting adventures.

Golden Waterfowl

Perfect, plated steel shot, delivering dense patters at substantial velocities, made in the USA. Golden Waterfowl Steel are the go-to waterfowl shotshells you need as a hunting companion.

Golden Goose

This is Fiocchi’s top of the line waterfowl loading. It uses the best steel shot available with primers and wads you can count on. Backed by our own testing, these loads will get the job done!

Golden Pheasant Bismuth

This new premium non-toxic load uses bismuth pellets in a sealed hull to provide consistent results all day long. You can trust Golden Pheasant Bismuth to provide your dog with a hard day’s work retrieving birds.

Golden Pheasant

These shotshells feature nickel-plated lead shot that pack a punch. Consistent patterns and velocities will help you bag more birds.

Golden Turkey TSS

This high-grade turkey load is built for the toughest birds, using tungsten pellets to deliver consistent patterns and deep penetration at long range. This loading is one of the best turkey shotshells available.

Golden Turkey

A reimagined version of a classic, this load uses nickel plated lead shot in front of an improved wad and clean burning powder. This is a gold standard load for turkey hunters.

Flyway Series

This series of shotshells use steel shot and protective wads to provide performance for shooting over decoys or pass-shooting at longer ranges. Deadly on waterfowl yet easy on your barrel, these are shotshells you can depend on.

Buck & Slug

Shotguns with buckshot or slugs can be used for coyotes, wild hogs, and deer. Fiocchi contributes to the versatility of the shotgun with its Buck & Slug lineup, from #4 buck to slug loads. The buckshot loads are also popular as a home defense option.

Dove & Quail

Field Dynamics dove and quail loads are all about the heritage and tradition of bagging these fast flying birds. Using #7.5 and #8 lead shot with quality components yields a reliable and effective shot pattern that will provide all-day shooting comfort as well.

Upland Game

These loads are manufactured to provide reliable upland hunting performance, for everything from squirrels to grouse. Upland Game loads are proven performers at an affordable price.


This load is designed to crush targets in sporting clays, trap, skeet, and five-stand. It’s also designed to lower felt recoil while providing predictable winning patterns.

Interceptor Spreader

A great all-around trap, skeet, or sporting clay load, these one ounce loads equal heavier loads while producing less recoil.

Little Rino

Loaded as a premium target handicap load, these shells pack once ounce of shot designed to bring a smile to sporting clays competitors.

Low Recoil Trainer

If you’re a new shooter, or helping get one started, this is the perfect load. With only ⅞ oz of shot in 12 gauge, it’s a reduced recoil load built for consistency.

Paper Crushers

Made from water-resistance wax impregnated paper, these competition shotshells blend nostalgia with a modern load that it biodegradable. These are also soft in the recoil department, making them a safe choice for the environment and shooter alike.

Paper Little Rino

These shotshells are a perfect combination of old-school paper hulls with modern competition loading. The result is a winning combination of velocity and consistent patterning without excess recoil.

Power Spreader

This loading uses a wad that is designed to open up the shot pattern more rapidly, resulting in a larger pattern at closer range.

Steel Target

With the performance of the other Fiocchi target shotshells, but loaded with steel shot, these loads provide an environmentally-friendly shotshell that is formulated for a clean-burning and consistent shot.

Super Crusher

These are loaded to a higher velocity, with perfectly matched wads and powders, to crush those clay birds. These are top-quality loads made to the tightest tolerances.


Exacta VIP provides smaller gauge range ammunition at competition quality. Built to Olympic, world-class quality standards to provide consistently top performance.

VIP Heavy

Exacta VIP Heavy picks up where VIP left off, delivering heavier shot payloads and higher velocities to allow smashing targets at longer ranges.

White Rino

This is premium target shotshell, delivering softer recoil but hard lead shot for dense patterns at longer range. White Rino provides quality components for a great shooting shotshell.

White Rino Crusher

Similar to White Rino, but loaded to a slightly higher velocity without excess recoil.

White Rino Lite

Very similar to White Rino, this Lite loading delivers the same shot charge at a slightly lower velocity to tame the recoil for long shooting sessions.

White Rino Super Lite

These loads are intended for beginners, small or youth shooters, or anyone who wants a lower-recoil quality shotshell for smashing clays. Loaded to 1150 fps to soften the recoil while still being reliable in semi-autos.

International Clays

Specialized shotshells for International Clays competition, these shotshells combine speed, predictable patterns, and reduced recoil. This is a load with a proven record in competition, and is a top-of-the-shelf load for trap and skeet.

Shooting Dynamics

This is FIocchi’s line of affordable yet quality shotshells. Shooting Dynamics provides reliability and terminal performance with chilled lead shot, one-piece cups, cushioned wads and quality powders beyond its reasonable price point.

Defense Dynamics

When it comes to home defense and similar needs, Fiocchi delivers with Defense Dynamics. These shotshells offer everything from rubber buck or rubber ball non-lethal loads to traditional buckshot or slugs, as well as frangible slugs that limit the danger of ricochets.

Jerry Miculek 3-gun

This competition ammunition was developed with the help of the one and only Jerry Miculek. Providing low recoil and excellent reliability, these shotshells are built for the 3-gun shooter. With dense and predictable patterns and a crimp designed to support speed loading, this is your winning choice in 3-gun shotshells.

Fiocchi Ammo Lines: Rimfire 

Range Dynamics

Offering quality choices for for long sessions of range fun or training for competition, Range Dynamics is a great choice. This product line is great for just plinking, with some loadings being a good choice for target shooting as well. 

Field Dynamics

These rimfire loads are optimized for field shooting and hunting. With solid and hollow point bullets, as well as subsonic offerings, Field Dynamics is a great choice.

Contact Information

Fiocchi USA

6930 N Fremont Rd Ozark, MO 65271

Telephone Number: (417) 725-4118

Sales: (417) 449-1042

Service and Warranty: (417) 449-1039

General Questions: (417) 449-1039

Fiocchi Ammo FAQ:

Fiocchi manufactures over 300 million rounds per year at this factory, though it does not have a retail outlet at the factory location.

Fiocchi offers loads that are appropriate for the beginner with regards to price and recoil, as well as having a club and youth shooter purchase program to provide cost savings for shooting teams and young shooters. 

About 80% of the Fiocchi loads sold in the USA are manufactures in Ozark, MO or Little Rock, AR with the remainder coming from Lecco, Italy.