Igman Ammo

Igman Ammo: In Depth

Igman d.d. Konjic is an ammunition manufacturer in Bosnia and Herzegovina that originated in 1950. Bosnia and Herzegovina, often referred to as simply Bosnia, is between Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia in southeastern Europe. 

Between World War I and World War II, Bosnia was part of Yugoslavia. After WWII, it became the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In 1992, Yugoslavia broke up and Bosnia claimed its independence after the Bosnian War.

Josip Broz Tito, the prime minister of Yugoslavia, had aligned Yugoslavia between the policies of Russia and the West after WWII. This enabled him to obtain relief aid from the United States, even though his government had adopted many of the Soviet principles of communism. This was called the “Non-Aligned Movement” and was followed by several other Eastern Bloc countries that did not wish to be part of the USSR. Tito introduced “social self-management”, which allowed the profit-sharing of some government-owned enterprises while also permitting partial ownership by employees. As a result of this policy, Igman is owned 51% by the State and 49% by private owners. It has survived decades of political upheaval, partly due to Tito’s neutrality policies and his willingness to open Yugoslavia to the West while remaining sufficiently socialist as a nation to keep the USSR at bay.    

Today, Igman manufactures ammunition to military standards and exports it to 50 different countries. It employs over 1,300 workers in the Bosnia and Herzegovina economy. Igman military ammunition is made to NATO, MIL, and Russian standards, maintaining its balance between East and West. Its hunting ammunition is made to CIP and SAMMI standards, as well as being ISO-9001 certified.

Available Calibers and Loads

All Igman ammunition is loaded in new brass cases, primed with Boxer non-corrosive primers, and powered by non-corrosive powder. It is reloadable and safe for any modern firearm of the corresponding caliber.

9x19 (9mm Luger)

  • 124g FMJ 1115 fps
  • 115g FMJ  1115 fps

223 Remington

  • 55g FMJ 3180 fps 

5.56x45 (5.56 NATO)

  • M193 55g FMJ 3281 fps
  • M196 52g Tracer round
  • M855/SS109 62g FMJ steel core at 3018 fps
  • M856 64g FMJ Tracer rounds


  • M67 123g FMJ 2550 fps Milspec

308 Winchester

  • 147 g M80 Ball 2732 fps
  • 175g HPBT Sierra MatchKing  2550 fps


  • Sniper 168g FMJBT Match
  • M80 Ball 147g FMJ at 2736 fps
  • M62 146g FMJ Tracer


  • M30 Ball 170g FMJ


  • M49 Ball 198g FMJ at 2362 fps
  • M70 Tracer 194g FMJ at 2312 fps

12.7x99 (50 BMG)

  • M33 Ball 653g Steel core FMJ at 2904 fps
  • M17 Tracer 618g FMJ at 2904 fps
  • M8 API 661 Steel core FMJ with incendiary
  • M20 APIT 620g FMJ Steel core FMJ with tracer and incendiary
  • M2 AP 656g FMJ Steel core
  • M33 Sniper 653g Steel core, Accuracy less than 1.2 MOA at 600 yards

Igman also manufactures a line of 12.7x99 sniper ammunition, specially loaded with solid bullets in Ball, AP, and API loadings, for use in 50 caliber sniper rifles.

Igman Contact Information:


Igman d.d. Konjic,

Donje Polje 42, 88 400

Bosnia and Herzegovina

+387 36 726 276


-Purchasing Department:

+387 36 281-202

-Sales Department:

+387 36 281-208

-Legal Affairs Department:

+387 36 281-207

-Security Department:

+387 36 281-236