Igman 308 Win 147 Grain Full Metal Jacket

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You’re looking to improve your shot for your next competition or big hunt. Whether you’ll be “hunting” targets or big game, this is a great practice round for hunting. As well as a great competition round. Get your groupings tight with budget-friendly ammo – the Igman 308 Winchester 147 grain FMJ.

Igman .308 Winchester Highlights:

  • 308 Win – For use in your favorite range gun.
  • Velocity – 2,732 fps. One of the faster 308 rounds.
  • Brass Casing – Great for when you want to reload your ammo.
  • 147 Grain – On the lighter end for grain weight. Your average 308-grain weight is 150-180. This Igman .308 round is better for short- to medium-range targets.
  • Full Metal Jacket – So you won’t get frustrated chambering or ejecting your shells. It isn’t the best .308 round for hunting, as it won’t expand much. But great for practicing the big shot.

While you may not have heard of Igman ammo before, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a great option for you. Igman supplies the Bosnian police and military with their ammo. Being an ISO 9001-certified company, they have strict quality control standards. 

If you’re looking for a quality round, you need to consider the Igman 308 Winchester as a top performer.

No ammo is eligible for returns. We ship to you anywhere in the Continental United States (with some restrictions).

Igman 308 Win FAQ:

Igman ammo is made in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you have sniper level skill you could shoot your 308 approximately 850-1000 yards. If you are using the 308 for hunting, it is more likely you should take the shot at 300-400 yards. Some hunters may be able to take a further shot based on skill level.

Igman ammo isn’t match-grade. But it produces decent shot groupings that will work for target practice, plinking, and range work.