PMC Ammo

The History of PMC Ammunition

PMC is an ammunition supplier to NATO forces worldwide. Its roots go back to when it was established in 1968 in South Korea. PMC is owned by the Poongsan Metal Corporation, which was founded by Ryu Chan-u, who helped get the Korean defense industry established. Poongsan is a metal company famous for copper, titanium, brass and more.

In 1973 Poongsan Metal Corporation (PMC) set up Precision Made Cartridges (also PMC) as a factory in Angang, to make South Korea self-sufficient with regards to its ammunition needs. 

Originally, PMC was sold as surplus ammo overruns, the result of production exceeding military contracts. Over time, the company transitioned to also producing ammunition for the civilian market on a regular basis. PMC manufactures all of the components in their ammunition, although their 7.62x51, 5.56x45, and .50 BMG X-TAC Match ammunition uses Sierra match bullets. They have factories in Dongrae-Gu, Busan, and Jincheon, as well as offices in Houston, Texas.

PMC says that “All PMC sporting ammunition is produced to either SAAMI or US Military specification standards (MILSPEC). PMC quality control is governed by the highly sought-after ISO Bureau Veritas quality certification standards.”

PMC Ammunition Product Lines


PMC’s Bronze line of ammunition is engineered to provide a less expensive product line for recreational shooting. While being more affordable, PMC Bronze is still manufactured to provide high performance and accuracy.


This range of PMC ammunition is designed for indoor practice in ranges that have poor air circulation or filtering. It eliminates lead residue and greatly reduces powder residue.


PMC’s SFX line of ammunition is engineered as personal defense ammunition that is optimized for feeding reliability while providing the expansion and wound characteristics of a hollow point bullet.


This line of performance ammunition is engineered to military specifications and is also suitable for recreational or law enforcement use. It is loaded with FMJ projectiles designed for penetration and not hunting.

X-Tac Match

This ammunition is designed for competitive shooters and uses Sierra bullet components for match-grade accuracy.

Battle Packs

PMC offers plastic-sealed “battle packs” of its most popular calibers in the Bronze and X-TAC product lines. These are sealed from humidity and offer a lower cost per round, but otherwise they are the same product.

PMC Calibers Available in Each Product Line:

  • PMC Bronze

    • .25 ACP
      • PMC Bronze .25 ACP 50 gr Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    • .32 ACP
      • PMC Bronze .32 ACP 71 gr FMJ 
    • .380 Auto
      • PMC Bronze 380 Auto 90 gr FMJ
    • 38 Special
      • PMC Bronze 38 Special 132 gr FMJ
    • 38 Super +P
      • PMC Bronze 38 Super +P 130 gr FMJ
    • 40 S&W
      • PMC Bronze 165 gr Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) 
      • PMC Bronze 165 gr Full Metal Jacket Flat Point (FMJ-FP)
      • PMC Bronze 180 gr FMJ-FP
    • 44 S&W Special
      • PMC Bronze 180 gr JHP
    • 44 Magnum
      • PMC 44D Bronze 44 Rem Mag 240 gr Truncated Cone Soft Point (TCSP)
      • PMC 44B Bronze 44 Rem Mag 180 gr Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)
    • 45 ACP
      • PMC Bronze 45 ACP 185 gr JHP
      • PMC Bronze 45 ACP 230 gr FMJ
    • .357 Magnum
      • PMC Bronze 357 Magnum Ammo 158 Grain Jacketed Soft Point (JSP)
    • .380 ACP
      • PMC Bronze 380 ACP 90 gr FMJ
    • 9mm Luger
      • PMC Bronze 9mm Luger 115 gr FMJ 
      • PMC Bronze 9mm Luger 115 gr JHP
      • PMC Bronze 9mm 124 gr FMJ 
    • 10mm
      • PMC Bronze 10mm Auto 170 gr JHP 
    • .223 Remington
      • PMC Bronze .223 Remington 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJ-BT)
    • 5.56x45 NATO
      • PMC X-Tac 5.56x45mm NATO Light Armor Piercing (LAP) (M855) Green Tip 62 Grain
      • PMC X-Tac M193 5.56x45 NATO 55 Grain FMJ-BT
    • 7.62x39
      • PMC Bronze 123 gr FMJ
    • .308 Winchester
      • PMC Bronze 308 Winchester/ 7.62 NATO 147 gr FMJ-BT
    • .50 BMG
      • PMC Bronze 50 BMG 660 gr FMJ-BT
  • SFX

    • 9mm Luger
      • PMC SFX 9mm Luger 124 gr Starfire Hollow Point (SFHP)
  • eRange

    • 380 ACP
      • PMC eRange 90 gr Enclosed Metal Jacket-Non Toxic (EMJ-NT)
    • 38 Special 
      • PMC eRange 125 gr EMJ-NT
      • PMC eRange 132 gr EMJ-NT
      • PMC eRange 158 gr EMJ-NT
    • 9mm Luger
      • PMC eRange 115 gr EMJ-NT
      • PMC eRange 124 gr EMJ-NT
    • 357 Magnum
      • PMC eRange 158 gr EMJ-NT
    • 40 S&W
      • PMC eRange 165 gr EMJ-NT
    • 44 Magnum
      • PMC eRange 240 gr EMJ-NT
    • 45 ACP
      • PMC eRange 230 gr EMJ-NT
  • X-TAC

    • 5.56MM NATO
      • PMC X-TAC 55 gr FMJ-BT
      • PMC X-TAC 62 gr LAP steel core
    • 7.62x51 NATO
      • PMC X-TAC 147 gr FMJ-BT
  • X-TAC Match

    • 223 Remington
      • PMC X-TAC Match Sierra 77 gr Open Tip Match (OTM)
    • 308 Winchester
      • PMC X-TAC Match Sierra 168 gr OTM
    • 50 BMG
      • PMC X-TAC Match 740 gr Solid Turned Brass

PMC Ammo Prices

PMC is considered to be a good value ammunition, providing military-spec reliability in ammunition that is available to the recreational or law enforcement consumer. This means that PMC ammunition may be somewhat less expensive than some other brands while still being extremely reliable.

PMC Contact Information:

Precision Made Cartridges

10777 Westheimer Rd Ste 1100 

Houston, TX, 77042-3462 United States

United States

contact: Seunghun Yang

+1 281 407-5655


PMC is vertically integrated, manufacturing all of its ammunition components. The exception is X-TAC Match, which uses Sierra match quality bullets

PMC manufactures its ammunition to the highest reliability standards, with roots in military-grade ammunition reliability

PMC ammunition is manufactured in South Korea.