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CCI Ammo: In Depth

CCI, which stands for Cascade Cartridge Inc., is a renowned ammunition manufacturer that has been a leader in the industry since its establishment in 1951. Based in Lewiston, Idaho , CCI is famed for its innovation and the development of specialized ammunition products that cater to various shooting needs, including target shooting, hunting, and pest control.

CCI is perhaps best known for its pioneering work in rimfire ammunition, offering a vast array of choices for shooters of all kinds. Their products include the Mini-Mag, a highly popular .22 LR round known for its reliability and cleanliness, and the Stinger, another .22 LR known for its high velocity, making it a top choice for hunters and competitive shooters. Additionally, CCI's Quiet-22 line offers ultra-low noise rounds, ideal for shooting in areas where noise might be a concern.

Beyond rimfire, CCI also produces shotshell ammunition for handguns and a variety of innovative rounds like the Blazer Brass, which provides a cost-effective solution for practice and competitive shooting with reliable performance. Their Snakeshot rounds, which turn a handgun into a short-range shotgun, are exceptionally useful for pest control.

CCI's commitment to quality is evident in their rigorous testing and quality control processes, ensuring that each round of ammunition performs consistently and reliably. This focus on excellence has built them a loyal following among both recreational and professional shooters.

With a history marked by continuous improvement and dedication to the shooting community, CCI remains a key player in the ammunition industry, providing shooters with the tools they need to succeed in their respective shooting disciplines.

CCI Ammo History

CCI has a storied history that dates back to its founding in 1951. The company was established in Lewiston, Idaho by Dick Speer and Arvid Nelson. Initially, CCI focused on solving a common problem for shooters: the shortage of primers for reloading spent cartridges. The company's innovation in non-corrosive and non-mercuric priming ammunition technology set the stage for its reputation as a pioneer in the ammunition field.

Throughout its history, CCI has been at the forefront of developing new technologies and products that cater to both the needs of sports shooters and hunters. CCI is also known for its Green Tag competition rimfire rounds and Quiet-22 low-noise cartridges, which showcase the company's commitment to niche markets and specialized shooting needs.

In 1981, CCI became a part of the larger Blount International family of companies, which was later acquired by ATK (Alliant Techsystems) in 2001, and eventually became part of Vista Outdoor Inc . in 2015. Each transition has provided CCI with more resources to innovate and expand its product line.

CCI's relationship with notable customers, especially in law enforcement and pest control sectors, underscores its commitment to reliability and performance. The company's Speer Gold Dot line, developed in partnership with its sister company, Speer, is highly regarded in law enforcement communities for its superior performance in ballistic tests and real-world applications.

Another significant area of development for CCI has been its environmental contribution to ammunition technology. The company pioneered the production of lead-free primers and developed the Clean-22 coating technology, which reduces fouling and extends the life of firearms. These innovations not only enhance the shooting experience but also address environmental and health concerns associated with traditional ammunition.

CCI's continued focus on innovation, quality, and customer service has solidified its position as a leader in the ammunition industry, known for producing reliable products that meet the varied needs of shooters around the world.

CCI Ammunition Products Overview

CCI s renowned for its innovative and reliable ammunition, especially in the rimfire and shotshell categories. Here’s a detailed exploration of CCI’s specific ammunition lines, each designed for distinct shooting applications.

1. CCI Mini-Mag

  • Use Case: Ideal for small game hunting and target shooting.
  • Unique Features: The Mini-Mag line is a high-velocity rimfire round, famous for its accuracy and reliability. Available in .22 Long Rifle with hollow point or round nose bullets, it provides excellent performance on small game with minimal meat damage and consistent ballistics for target shooting.

2. CCI Stinger

  • Use Case: Best suited for varmint hunting and personal defense.
  • Unique Features: The Stinger is one of the fastest .22 LR cartridges available, offering a hypervelocity load. It features a copper-plated hollow point bullet that ensures superior stopping power and terminal performance, making it a top choice for dealing with pests or as a lightweight, low-recoil option for self-defense.

3. CCI Quiet-22

  • Use Case: Designed for backyard plinking, pest control, and shooting in areas where noise is a concern.
  • Unique Features: Quiet-22 ammunition provides very low noise levels that are barely louder than some pellet rifles, reducing the risk of disturbing neighbors or harming your hearing. This subsonic line delivers effective performance without a need for hearing protection or a suppressor, offering a comfortable shooting experience.

4. CCI Velocitor

  • Use Case: Targeted for hunters and shooters looking for a powerful .22 LR round.
  • Unique Features: The Velocitor provides exceptional high velocity and energy, featuring a plated hollow point bullet that delivers excellent terminal performance. It's perfect for hunting larger small game and offers superior penetration and impact, ensuring quick, humane kills.

5. CCI Shotshell

  • Use Case: Intended for pest control and small game hunting with a handgun.
  • Unique Features: CCI's shotshell options are available in multiple calibers, including 9mm , .44 Special, and .45 ACP . These rounds are excellent for close-range pest control, delivering the impact of a shotgun blast in a convenient, handgun-compatible cartridge, effective against snakes and rodents.

Each product line from CCI is meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of shooters and hunters, ensuring high-quality, precision, and reliability. Whether it’s hunting, target shooting, or managing pests, CCI offers a specialized solution to enhance your shooting experience.

Where is CCI Ammo Made?

Lewiston, Idaho, USA: CCI's primary manufacturing facility is located in Lewiston, Idaho. This plant is pivotal in the production of CCI's well-known ammunition, including their famous rimfire ammunition and primers. The Lewiston facility is recognized for producing some of the most innovative and specialized ammunition on the market, catering to both competitive shooters and hunters.

The Lewiston plant is significant not only for its production capacity but also for its role in the local community as a major employer. While exact figures vary, the facility is known to employ hundreds of workers. It's estimated that this plant produces millions of rounds of ammunition each year, showcasing its capability and the high demand for CCI products.

CCI's commitment to precision and reliability in ammunition manufacturing is exemplified by their operations in Lewiston, ensuring they remain a preferred choice for shooting enthusiasts across various disciplines.

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