CCI Maxi-Mag TNT .22 Mag 30gr JHP Rimfire Ammo

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.22 Mag
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You like shooting prairie dogs and you need a budget-friendly round to do it with. CCI Maxi-Mag TNT Rimfire Ammo can give you what you need. With an emphasis on quality materials, you’ll be shooting fast and far with CCI every time.

CCI Maxi-Mag TNT Rimfire Ammo 22 Mag 30 Grain Highlights:

  • .22 Mag Shoot through your bolt action rifle.
  • Velocity – 2,200 fps. An ideal long-range round to shoot with your .22 rifle. You’ll get great distance with this blazing fast speed, which CCI’s Maxi-Mag line of products are best known for.
  • Brass Casing – If you like reloading then these are for you.
  • 30 Grain – On the lighter side for this bullet. Enjoy increased accuracy when you shoot at longer distances from the incredible muzzle velocity of 2,200fps.
  • TNT Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) – Your bullet will expand rapidly on contact with your target, creating a large wound channel and ensuring a quick, ethical kill.

CCI is a budget-friendly ammunition company that still provides you with amazing quality for the price. If you want to shoot a lot with accurate ammo, then CCI is a good option for you. Pick up a box of CCI Maxi-Mag TNT Rimfire Ammo today and experience the quality for yourself.

Southern Defense Policy Update: Our policy does not permit returns for our ammo products, and they may be subject to shipping restrictions. For information about CCI Maxi-Mag TNT Rimfire Ammo, please call (972) 652-0196.

CCI Maxi-Mag TNT Rimfire Ammo 22 Mag JHP FAQ:

CCI Maxi-Mag TNT Rimfire ammo is designed to fly fast and flat. With over 2,200fps of muzzle velocity, this round is known for hitting hard and rapidly expanding on impact to ethically and reliably kill varmints.

JHP ammo is designed to expand quickly on impact. Making a large wound channel and helping to avoid punching through your target. It is ideal for hunting.

Lower grain weights may have less penetration, but they have much greater speed and velocity retention. Allowing you to accurately shoot further than with heavier bullets.