Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics 223 Remington 55gr FMJ-BT Ammo

Fiocchi Ammo

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.223 Remington
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You like shooting at the range a lot, and you’re shooting for speed. You need a quality round that you can afford to buy plenty of. The Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics .223 Remington is the perfect solution. Precision and accuracy at the perfect price point.

Fiocchi .223 Remington 55 Grain Highlights:

  • .223 Remington Light up the range with your AR15, or run it through your favorite bolt action gun.
  • Velocity – 3,240 fps. Fairly average for this bullet weight. However, it’s still extremely fast and will help you hit those long-range targets accurately.
  • Brass Casing – Reload your brass multiple times to create the optimal rounds.
  • 55 Grain – On the lighter end for this round. This gives you extreme accuracy for long-range shooting. Enjoy less recoil, but also less penetration.
  • Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJ-BT) – Cycles through your gun easily and cleanly for less headaches at the range. The Boat Tail also gives you increased aerodynamics for a more accurate shot.

An Italian company that is now mostly based in the USA, Fiocchi offers premier ammo at an affordable price. Fiocchi has been perfecting their craft since 1876 and they never fail to deliver when you need it. The Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics line will have you hitting dead center in no time.

Southern Defense Returns Policy: Please note that returns aren’t eligible for our ammo products, and they may be subject to shipping restrictions. Contact us at (972) 652-0196 for questions about Fiocchi .223 Remington ammo.

Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics .223 Ammo FAQ:

Fiocchi’s Shooting Dynamics line was designed for cost-effective, high-volume shooting and skill development.

This round is designed to penetrate without expansion, which makes it a better training round than a hunting round.

Yes, lighter bullets tend to be more accurate over distance. However, heavier bullets penetrate better. It is important to choose the right grain based on what your shooting motivation is.