HK MR556A1 5.56x45mm Rifle


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The HK MR556A1 is for those who demand reliability, durability, and precision in their rifle. If you're a competitive shooter, tactical enthusiast, or just want the best for your collection, this rifle delivers on all fronts. Based on the renowned HK416, this AR-15 rifle is crafted to meet the highest standards. Its innovative design ensures cleaner and cooler operation, making it incredibly reliable even in the toughest conditions.

HK MR556A1 5.56x45mm Rifle Highlights:

  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm, delivering superior performance and versatility.
  • Action Type: Semi-Automatic, ensuring consistent firing with each trigger pull.
  • Capacity: 10/20/30 rounds, offering flexibility for different scenarios.
  • Weight: 8.60 pounds, balancing stability and ease of handling.
  • Magazine Style: Detachable box magazine, simplifying reloading processes.
  • Barrel Length: 16.5 inches, optimizing range and accuracy.
  • Twist Rate: 1 in 7'', stabilizing bullets for improved precision.
  • Muzzle Device: Taper-bore configuration, improving accuracy and velocity.
  • The Bottom Line: The HK MR556A1 offers unmatched reliability, superior accuracy, and battle-tested durability, making it a top choice for demanding users.

This Firearm is Best For:

  • Competitive shooters who require consistent accuracy.
  • Tactical enthusiasts who need reliable performance in adverse conditions.
  • Collectors seeking a high-quality rifle with proven heritage.

Unique Features:

The HK MR556A1 features a unique short-stroke gas piston system that keeps the receiver cooler and cleaner, enhancing reliability. Its cold hammer forged barrel ensures durability and a long service life beyond typical standards. Additionally, the rifle is optics-ready, allowing for easy customization with your preferred sights.

About HK:

Heckler & Koch (HK) has a storied history of producing high-quality firearms since its founding in 1949 in Oberndorf, Germany. Renowned for innovation and precision, HK rifles are trusted by elite military and law enforcement units worldwide. The MR556A1 is assembled in Columbus, Georgia, USA blending German engineering excellence with American manufacturing prowess.

NOTE: This item may be restricted for sale and possession within certain States and subject to additional compliance measures. Please see our Shipping Policy for more details and learn about how to buy a rifle online.

HK MR556A1 5.56x45mm FAQs:

The MR556A1 features a free-floating M-LOK handguard, allowing for the attachment of various accessories such as optics, lights, bipods, and grips. This design ensures that the barrel remains free-floating, preventing any interference with the barrel’s harmonics and maintaining consistent accuracy.

The taper-bore design of the barrel gradually reduces the diameter from the chamber to the muzzle. This design increases the bullet’s velocity and enhances accuracy by reducing air resistance and friction. It ensures that each bullet exits the barrel with optimal speed and stability, contributing to improved shot placement and range.

The MR556A1 is equipped with a two-stage trigger, offering a crisp and clean break. This design enhances accuracy by reducing trigger pull weight and providing a consistent feel. The trigger pull weight is approximately 7.64 pounds, striking a balance between safety and performance.

Yes, the MR556A1 is suitable for hunting small to medium game. Its accuracy, reliability, and versatile design make it an excellent choice for various hunting scenarios. The rifle’s adjustable features and robust construction ensure that it performs effectively in diverse environments and conditions.

Maintenance of the MR556A1 is straightforward. Regular cleaning of the gas piston system, barrel, and bolt carrier group is essential. The short-stroke gas piston system significantly reduces carbon buildup, making maintenance easier. Use quality cleaning solvents and lubricants, and perform routine inspections to ensure the rifle remains in peak condition.

The MR556A1 features a durable black anodized finish, providing excellent resistance to corrosion, scratches, and wear. This finish not only enhances the rifle's aesthetics but also ensures long-lasting protection against the elements, making it suitable for various environments and conditions.

Yes, the MR556A1 is equipped with a threaded barrel, allowing the attachment of a suppressor or other muzzle devices. The threaded muzzle ensures a secure fit for suppressors, enhancing the rifle’s versatility and reducing noise and muzzle flash, making it an excellent choice for tactical and hunting applications.

The MR556A1 has a sight radius of 14.60 inches, providing a longer distance between the front and rear sights. This design enhances sight alignment and improves accuracy, making it easier to achieve precise shots, especially at longer ranges.

Yes, the MR556A1 features an ambidextrous charging handle, allowing easy manipulation for both left and right-handed shooters. This design enhances the rifle’s versatility and user-friendliness, ensuring that all shooters can operate the rifle comfortably and efficiently.

Yes, the MR556A1 comes with a warranty provided by Heckler & Koch. The specifics of the warranty, including coverage details and duration, can vary, so it’s advisable to check with the retailer or directly with Heckler & Koch for complete warranty information and support.