Buying Ammo and Guns in Wyoming

DISCLAIMER: It is your full responsibility to make sure the firearm, ammunition, or accessories you are purchasing is legal for you to own in your state or jurisdiction. The information contained throughout this web site, including the firearm and ammunition state guide provided below, is not legal advice and should not be construed as legal advice.

This piece discusses the ammunition and firearms laws that apply in the state of Wyoming. To do so, the piece starts off with the ammo laws, describing the legal requirements for having ammunition shipped to a residential address in the state. From there, we dive into the gun laws, examining both the processes for buying guns in the state and the laws that govern the carriage of firearms. To wrap things up, the piece concludes with some resources that we think you will find useful if you are interested in legally buying, owning, and carrying firearms and ammo in Wyoming.

We do not intend this piece as legal advice. Instead, we hope that you find the information here helpful to you in doing your own research, to make your own decisions.

Wyoming, like many states, has preemption: this means that state law forbids localities, such as counties, cities, and towns from making or enforcing gun laws that are stricter than those at the state level. Preemption makes things easier for gun owners since your understanding of state law then applies to the entire state.

Wyoming is arguably the most permissive state in the country in terms of its ammo and firearms laws. The state imposes few regulations beyond those at the federal level and, in some instances, actually takes legal issue with the enforcement of federal law on constitutional grounds. This, and the fact that gun bans would almost certainly never pass into law in the state, makes Wyoming highly permissive in terms of its gun laws.

Ammo Laws/Buying Ammo in Wyoming

First, we will cover the ammo laws in Wyoming.

Wyoming is very permissive in terms of its ammunition laws, and the state does not impose any bans or regulations beyond those at the federal level. Thus, the process for buying and shipping ammunition in the state is governed by the federal laws and rules that are enforced by the ATF.

The ATF imposes two sets of requirements on people who want to buy ammunition. The first is an age requirement. Buyers have to be eighteen to buy ammo for long guns (rifles and shotguns) and at least twenty-one to buy ammo for handguns. Secondly, ammo buyers cannot be prohibited persons, which the ATF defines as people who have been convicted of felonies or domestic abuse, those who have been found mentally unfit in a court, and people who have been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility for inpatient treatment.

Assuming that the buyer meets those two sets of requirements, Wyoming takes no issue at the state level with people having ammunition shipped to their homes. Buyers are free to shop online for ammo in Wyoming. Keep in mind that carriers might impose additional rules such as asking for a person with a valid ID to be present to sign for a package containing ammo.

Since federal laws apply in the entire US, Wyoming is as permissive as it can be because the state does not impose additional regulations in the sale or possession of ammunition.

Gun Laws/Buying Guns in Wyoming

Next, we will do the same for gun laws.

Wyoming might well be the most permissive state in the country in terms of its gun laws as well. There are no bans on magazines of any capacity in this state. Similarly, there’s no assault weapons ban that would ban guns by either a list of features or by name.

The state is fine with its residents owning NFA items such as suppressors, machine guns, and short-barreled rifles in shotguns. Wyoming has taken an additional permissive step and has passed a state law stating that items made in Wyoming and possessed by Wyoming residents that would otherwise be NFA time will not be considered such by the state government. The same law imposes penalties on federal law enforcement officials who attempt to enforce the NFA regulations on those items. In practical terms this leaves NFA items in the state in a similar position to marijuana in many states: the state says they’re legal, the federal government disagrees, and the federal government can choose to selectively not enforce federal prohibitions in certain states. If nothing else, this law is a clear signal that Wyoming is highly permissive in terms of its stance on guns.

Buying a firearm from a dealer in the state follows the federal process. The buyer should bring a form of ID with their current address, and a form of payment, to their local gun store. There, the FFL will have the buyer fill out Form 4473, which serves as both a  background check and a legal record of the purchase. Once the background check is clear and payment accepted, the buyer is free to leave with their firearm the same day: Wyoming does not impose additional waiting periods.

This state does not require that private persons selling firearms conduct a background check on the buyer. With that said, it is advisable to make a written and signed bill of sale stating that the seller has confirmed, to the best of their knowledge, that the buyer is old enough, and is not a prohibited person.

Wyoming is permissive in its stance on carrying guns, too: both open and concealed carriage of a firearm is legal in the state, and neither method requires a permit. Like most states that have permitless carry, Wyoming also continues to issue its concealed carry permits. The main benefit of these permits is that they allow Wyoming residents to legally carry firearms in other states that recognize the permits issued by Wyoming.

Every state has a list of places where it is illegal to carry a firearm, and Wyoming is no exception to this rule. In Wyoming, this list of prohibited places includes:

  • Correctional Facilities

  • Residential Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Courtrooms 

  • Law Enforcement Facilities

  • Schools (K-12 and Universities)

  • Federal Property (Including the local post office)

This list is not an unusual one, and even the most permissive states have a nearly identical list: this does not make Wyoming much less permissive.

Wyoming is not only permissive in its lack of major regulations, the state outright refuses to enforce the NFA within its borders: this stance alone makes Wyoming arguably the most gun-friendly state in the country. Add in permitless carry, and Wyoming is, in our view, the most permissive state in the nation.

Sales Tax on Guns/Ammo in Wyoming.

Wyoming’s general sales tax rate is 4%, and some localities tack on some additional taxes, making the effective tax rate as high as 6% in some spots: the sheer distances between towns in the state would likely offset any savings in gas consumption, so there’s not much point in FFL shopping in a lower-taxed part of the state.

Wyoming does not impose any additional or special taxes on the sale of firearms or ammunition.

More Resources:

Here are some resources that we think you’ll find useful in Wyoming:

  • The ATF publishes a listing of all FFLs within a given state, and this list is updated somewhat regularly. It can be used to find local gun stores, which are usually Type One or Type Two FFLs. 

  • is an excellent tool for finding ranges that are convenient to you. Use the zip code, city, and mileage filters to find spots to shoot. Users can add more ranges, and the information is regularly checked for accuracy. 

  • Wyoming is home to a number of well-regarded gun stores to meet your firearms needs.

  • While it is not state-specific, the Northwest Firearms Forum does have a number of members from Wyoming: finding a specific Wyoming forum for firearms is a challenge given the low population of the state.

Wyoming Gun Law FAQ:

Yes: Wyoming has few state-level regulations on firearms and ammo. As long as the buyer meets federal age requirements (18 for long gun ammo and 21 for handgun ammo) and is not a prohibited person, the state is fine with having ammo shipped to a residential address.

Very, very much so. Wyoming is so gun-friendly that the state has a law declaring that NFA items made within the state are not subject to federal rules as long as they do not leave the state.

The state allows for permitless carry of both long guns and handguns, both openly and concealed. 

Wyoming does issue carry permits despite not requiring one to carry a gun within the state: this allows Wyoming residents to carry a gun in other states.

Nope: the state is extremely gun-friendly and does not impose many regulations on firearms or ammo. This principle applies to waiting periods, too, and the state does not impose one for any firearms sales.