Marlin 1895SBL 45-70 Government Rifle

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When you're out in the field or on the range, you need a rifle you can rely on. The Marlin 1895SBL 45-70 Government Rifle is designed with you in mind, offering unparalleled performance and precision. Ideal for big game hunters and shooting enthusiasts, this American-made lever-action rifle combines the time-honored design of the traditional 1895 with Ruger’s renowned manufacturing quality.

Marlin 1895SBL Rifle Highlights:

  • Caliber: 45-70 Government, delivering powerful performance for big game hunting.
  • Action Type: Lever-action, delivering reliable cycling of rounds.
  • Capacity: 6 rounds, offering ample firepower without frequent reloading.
  • Weight: 7.3 pounds, allowing for manageable carry and handling in the field.
  • Magazine Style: Tubular magazine, ensuring smooth and consistent feeding.
  • Barrel Length: 19.1 inches, providing a balance of accuracy and maneuverability.
  • Twist Rate: 1:20'', stabilizing heavy bullets for improved accuracy.
  • Muzzle Device: Threaded barrel with a factory-installed thread protector, accommodating muzzle brakes and other accessories.
  • The Bottom Line: Combining classic design with modern improvements, this rifle offers a powerful, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing option for hunters and shooters.

This Firearm is Best For:

  • Big game hunting: Ideal for hunting large game such as deer, elk, and moose.
  • Range shooting: Suitable for enthusiasts who enjoy practicing precision shooting.
  • Outdoor adventures: Built to withstand tough weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for outdoor activities.

Unique Features:

The Marlin 1895SBL features a ghost ring rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation, paired with a tritium fiber optic front sight for quick target acquisition in low light. Its Picatinny rail provides a stable mounting surface for modern optics and scopes. Additionally, the oversized lever loop allows for operation with heavy gloves, making it ideal for cold weather use.

About Merlin:

Marlin Firearms, now under Ruger's ownership, is renowned for producing high-quality rifles known for their accuracy and durability. Manufacturing takes place in Mayodan, North Carolina, where each rifle undergoes stringent quality control processes, including daily function and accuracy audits, to ensure every product meets high standards.

NOTE: This item may be restricted for sale and possession within certain States and subject to additional compliance measures. Please see our State Gun Laws for more details and learn about how to order a rifle online.

Marlin 1895SBL 45-70 Government FAQs:

Yes, the Marlin 1895SBL is suitable for novice shooters. Despite its powerful caliber, the rifle's lever-action mechanism is straightforward to operate. The ergonomic design and balanced weight make it easy to handle, and the improved stock fit ensures a comfortable shooting experience. Additionally, the clear and adjustable sights help new shooters quickly become proficient in aiming and firing.

The polished bolt with spiral flutes on the Marlin 1895SBL offers both functional and aesthetic benefits. The polished surface reduces friction, resulting in a smoother and more reliable action when cycling rounds. The spiral flutes not only add a distinctive and classy look to the rifle but also help reduce the bolt's weight, contributing to easier operation and improved cycling speed.

The trigger on the Marlin 1895SBL is not adjustable. However, it is factory-set to provide a clean and crisp pull, which is essential for accurate shooting. The trigger has been designed to minimize creep and overtravel, ensuring a smooth and consistent pull that enhances the shooter's control and precision.

Yes, you can attach a suppressor to the Marlin 1895SBL. The rifle features a threaded barrel with an 11/16"-24 thread pattern, which accommodates various muzzle devices, including suppressors. This allows you to reduce the noise and muzzle blast when firing, making the rifle more suitable for use in areas where noise reduction is important.

Yes, the Marlin 1895SBL is equipped with sling swivel studs. These studs allow you to attach a sling to the rifle, making it easier to carry during hunting trips or extended shooting sessions. A sling can also provide additional stability when aiming, improving accuracy and comfort.

While the Marlin 1895SBL is ready to use out of the box, a break-in period of 50-100 rounds can help ensure optimal performance. During the break-in period, firing and cleaning the rifle regularly helps smooth out any rough edges and ensures that all moving parts work together seamlessly. This process can improve accuracy and reliability over time.

The effective hunting range of the Marlin 1895SBL is typically up to 150-200 yards, depending on the ammunition used and the shooter's skill. The powerful 45-70 Government caliber ensures that the rifle can take down large game at these distances. For best results, pair the rifle with high-quality ammunition and consider using a scope for precise long-range shots.

The thinner forend design of the Marlin 1895SBL improves handling and ergonomics. It makes the rifle easier to grip and maneuver, especially in tight or dynamic shooting situations. The improved aesthetics also contribute to the rifle's overall appeal, making it both functional and visually pleasing.

Yes, the Marlin 1895SBL is suitable for competitive shooting events. Its accuracy, reliability, and powerful caliber make it a strong contender in various competitions, including lever-action rifle matches and big bore events. The rifle's customizable features allow shooters to tailor it to their specific needs.