Springfield XD-M Elite Compact OSP .45 ACP Pistol

Springfield Armory

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When you need a compact, powerful, and reliable pistol, the Springfield XD-M Elite Compact OSP .45 ACP is your go-to choice. Perfect for concealed carry and home defense, this pistol offers superior performance in a small package. You'll appreciate the superior ergonomics, customizable features, and the stopping power of the .45 ACP caliber. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or new to the world of pistols, the XD-M Elite Compact OSP delivers everything you need.

Springfield XD-M Elite Compact OSP Pistol Highlights:

  • Caliber: .45 ACP, providing powerful stopping power.
  • Action Type: Semi-automatic, ensuring rapid follow-up shots.
  • Capacity: 10+1 rounds, offering ample firepower for defense.
  • Weight: 25 ounces, balancing durability with easy handling.
  • Sights: Fiber optic front, tactical rack U-Dot rear, enhancing target acquisition.
  • Type of Safety: Grip safety, providing an extra layer of security.
  • Barrel Length: 3.8 inches, optimizing balance and concealability.
  • Trigger Pull: Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly (META), ensuring a smooth, crisp pull.
  • Overall Length: 6.75 inches, making it easy to carry and conceal.
  • Frame: Polymer with a short magwell, providing a lightweight yet sturdy frame.
  • Finish: Melonite finish, protecting against corrosion and wear.
  • The Bottom Line: Combining power, reliability, and compact size, the Springfield XD-M Elite Compact OSP is ideal for concealed carry and home defense.

This Pistol is Best For:

  • Concealed carry
  • Personal and home defense
  • Law enforcement backup weapon

Unique Features:

The Springfield XD-M Elite Compact OSP .45 ACP features a Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly (META) that delivers a smooth and crisp trigger pull, enhancing accuracy. Its removable extended and flared magwell allows for faster reloads and adaptability to different shooting preferences. Additionally, the pistol is optic-ready, supporting red dot sights for enhanced targeting.

About Springfield:

Springfield Armory, founded in 1974 and headquartered in Geneseo, Illinois, is known for its innovative and high-quality firearms. The XD series, including the XD-M Elite Compact OSP, exemplifies Springfield’s commitment to performance and reliability.

NOTE: This item may be restricted for sale and possession within certain States and subject to additional compliance measures. Please see our State Gun Laws for more details and learn how to order a pistol online.

Springfield XD-M Elite Compact OSP FAQs:

The design of the XD-M Elite, combined with its weight and ergonomic grip, helps manage recoil effectively, making it more comfortable to shoot, even with the powerful .45 ACP cartridge.

Yes, the XD-M Elite Compact OSP features ambidextrous slide stop levers and a reversible magazine release, making it user-friendly for both left- and right-handed shooters.

Absolutely, the XD-M Elite series is known for its high performance and reliability, making it a good choice for various competitive shooting disciplines.

The XD-M Elite Compact OSP is designed to perform reliably in various conditions, thanks to its robust construction, high-quality materials, and corrosion-resistant finish.

The effective range for most users is typically up to 50 yards, but it can vary based on the shooter's skill level and the ammunition used.

Yes, the integrated Picatinny rail allows you to easily mount a flashlight or other tactical accessories to the XD-M Elite Compact OSP.