Fiocchi 45 Colt Cowboy Action 250gr LRNFP Ammo

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.45 Colt
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Dive into the spirit of the Old West with Fiocchi's 45 Colt Cowboy Action 250gr LRNFP (Lead Round Nose Flat Point) Ammo. Tailored for cowboy action shooters and historical firearms enthusiasts, this ammunition combines traditional performance with Fiocchi's modern manufacturing precision. Whether you're competing in cowboy action shooting events or simply enjoy the historical aspect of shooting with period-correct ammunition, Fiocchi provides the perfect blend of reliability and authenticity.

Fiocchi 45 Colt Cowboy Action 250-grain LRNFP Ammo Highlights:

  • Caliber: .45 Colt - A classic revolver caliber: this loading is in line with the original specifications of the caliber. 
  • Bullet Weight: 250 grains - A traditional weight that offers a balanced feel, manageable recoil, and effective performance, suitable for both competition and leisure shooting.
  • Bullet Type: LRNFP (Lead Round Nose Flat Point) - Specifically designed for cowboy action shooting, the flat point ensures clean, clear target marking, while the round nose aids in smooth feeding for both revolvers and lever-action rifles.
  • Muzzle Velocity: 750 feet per second - Optimized for cowboy action shooting, this lower velocity ensures less recoil and a more authentic shooting experience.
  • Muzzle Energy: 312 foot-pounds - Delivers enough force to knock down steel targets in competitions, while being gentle enough for enjoyable all-day shooting sessions.
  • The Bottom Line: Fiocchi's 45 Colt Cowboy Action 250gr LRNFP Ammo is the ideal choice for shooters looking to capture the essence of cowboy action shooting with ammunition that's designed for accuracy, reliability, and historical fidelity.

This Ammo is Best For:

  • Cowboy Action Shooting: Perfect for SASS events, offering the performance and aesthetics that enthusiasts crave.
  • Historical Firearms Collectors: Ideal for those who shoot vintage firearms and seek ammunition that complements the era of their weapons.
  • Recreational Shooting: Great for anyone who enjoys shooting sports and desires a low-recoil, enjoyable cartridge.

Unique Features:

  • Historical Accuracy: Designed to replicate the look, feel, and performance of original .45 Colt cartridges, enhancing your historical shooting experience.
  • Smooth Feeding: The LRNFP design ensures compatibility and smooth feeding with a wide range of firearms, including both revolvers and lever-action rifles.
  • Low Recoil: Engineered for comfortable shooting, allowing for extended sessions without the fatigue associated with higher-recoil ammunition.

About Fiocchi:

Fiocchi Munizioni, established in 1876, has a storied history of producing some of the finest ammunition available on the global market. Combining Italian craftsmanship with American innovation, Fiocchi's manufacturing facilities in the United States and Italy produce a wide range of ammunition with a reputation for performance and reliability. Fiocchi's commitment to quality ensures that shooters can trust their ammunition, whether for competitive shooting, hunting, or defense.

Please Note:  Ammunition is non-returnable and subject to shipping restrictions and laws at the state and local levels. Always ensure compliance with all relevant regulations when purchasing and using this ammo.

Fiocchi 45 Colt Cowboy Action 250-grain LRNFP Ammunition FAQ: 

Absolutely, it's designed to be safe and effective in both modern and vintage .45 Colt firearms.

The LRNFP design ensures reliable feeding in lever-action rifles and revolvers, while also providing effective target marking and penetration.

No, this ammunition uses a lead round nose flat point bullet, typical of cowboy action loads and historical replicas.

Yes, the high-quality brass cases are suitable for reloading, offering additional value and customization for experienced reloaders.

Fiocchi's dedication to quality, combined with its focus on historical accuracy and performance, ensures a reliable and enjoyable shooting experience for cowboy action enthusiasts.