Underwood Ammo 45 Colt 135gr Extreme Defender Ammo

Underwood Ammo

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.45 Colt
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Introducing the Underwood Ammo .45 Colt 135 grain Extreme Defender, a high-performance ammunition designed for tactical efficiency and unparalleled self-defense capability. Crafted for those who demand the utmost in reliability and stopping power, this ammunition sets a new standard in personal and home defense.

Underwood Ammo .45 Colt 135gr Extreme Defender Highlights:

  • Caliber: .45 Colt Rounds
  • Bullet Weight: 135 grains
  • Bullet Type: Extreme Defender - creates a permanent wound cavity that is over 100% larger than other expanding bullets
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,410 feet per second
  • Muzzle Energy: 596 ft lbs
  • Box Quantity: 20 rounds per box
  • Casing Material: Nickel-plated brass
  • Primer Type: Boxer, non-corrosive
  • Lead-Free: Yes, 100% lead-free design

This Ammo is Best For:

  • Personal Defense: Engineered for maximum stopping power in self-defense situations.
  • Home Defense: Ideal for home defense with its effective penetration and terminal performance.
  • Law Enforcement: Suitable for law enforcement officers requiring reliable and potent ammunition.
  • Concealed Carry: Perfect for those who carry concealed due to its superior ballistics and compact design.

Unique Features:

  • Extreme Defender Bullet Design: Utilizes advanced fluid dynamics to create massive wound channels without over-penetration.
  • High Velocity, Low Recoil: Provides a significant velocity for effective stopping power while maintaining manageable recoil.
  • Nickel-Plated Brass Casing: Ensures smooth feeding and extraction, and resists corrosion.
  • Precision Engineering: Each round is meticulously crafted for consistency and reliability under various conditions.

About Underwood Ammo:

Underwood Ammo is synonymous with innovation and excellence in the ammunition industry. The company was founded in 2013 by Kevin Underwood, and Underwood manufactures their ammo in Sparta, IL.

Please be aware that due to the nature of ammunition, sales of this product are final, and returns cannot be accepted. Check local laws and regulations regarding ammunition purchase and use in your area. For any questions, or if you need guidance in selecting the right ammunition for your needs, contact us at SouthernDefense.com. We are dedicated to providing you with expert advice and the highest quality ammunition.

Underwood 45 Long Colt 135-grain XD FAQ:

The Extreme Defender bullet is engineered to maximize terminal performance. It uses fluid dynamics to create larger wound channels, ensuring effective stopping power without the risk of over-penetration, which is crucial in self-defense situations.

Nickel-plated brass offers several advantages: it resists corrosion, enhances the smooth feeding and extraction of rounds, and is easier to see in low-light conditions, aiding in handling and inspection.

The 135gr weight is on the lighter side for .45 Colt ammunition, which typically ranges from 135gr to over 250gr. This lighter weight contributes to the ammo's higher velocity and lower recoil.