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Underwood Ammo: In Depth

Founded in 2013 in Sparta, Illinois , Underwood Ammo has quickly become a standout in the ammunition industry. They specialize in producing a wide variety of ammunition for handguns , rifles , and shotguns , and are particularly renowned for their high-powered self-defense rounds.

Underwood Ammo offers an impressive range of products including hollow point, full metal jacket, and hard cast bullets. Their ammunition is designed to cater to various shooting needs, from personal protection to hunting and target shooting. The company's +P and +P+ ammunition, known for its enhanced velocity and stopping power, is especially popular among law enforcement and self-defense enthusiasts.

What sets Underwood Ammo apart is their meticulous approach to manufacturing. They use top-tier materials and advanced techniques to ensure each round performs flawlessly. Every batch undergoes thorough testing to maintain consistency and reliability, meeting the high standards demanded by their customers.

Underwood Ammo is also committed to customer satisfaction. They focus on providing ammunition that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of shooters, whether they are professionals, hobbyists, or members of law enforcement.

Underwood Ammo History

Underwood Ammo was founded in 2013 by Kevin Underwood in Sparta, Illinois . The company was established with the goal of producing high-quality ammunition for shooters who demand the best in performance and reliability. Kevin Underwood, who had a background in engineering and a passion for firearms , saw an opportunity to create ammunition that would set new standards in the industry.

From its inception, Underwood Ammo has focused on using the finest components available. This includes top-tier brass casings , premium powders , and superior bullets from renowned manufacturers like Hornady and Nosler . The company's commitment to quality has earned it a reputation for producing some of the most consistent and reliable ammunition on the market.

One of the significant milestones in Underwood Ammo's history is its development of the "Extreme Defender" and "Extreme Penetrator" lines of ammunition. These rounds feature innovative bullet designs that provide exceptional terminal performance. The "Extreme Defender" is known for its controlled expansion and high energy transfer, while the "Extreme Penetrator" offers deep penetration and barrier-blind performance, making it ideal for self-defense and law enforcement use.

Underwood Ammo has also made a name for itself by offering a wide variety of calibers and loads, catering to different shooting needs. Their product range includes ammunition for handguns, rifles, and shotguns, with options for self-defense, hunting, and target shooting. This extensive selection has made Underwood Ammo a popular choice among shooters of all kinds.

Over the years, Underwood Ammo has remained an independent company, owned and operated by Kevin Underwood. The company has not undergone any major changes in ownership or corporate structure, allowing it to maintain its focus on quality and innovation. Underwood Ammo continues to produce its ammunition in the United States, ensuring stringent quality control measures are followed throughout the manufacturing process.

Underwood Ammo's dedication to excellence has attracted the attention of various law enforcement agencies and military units. Their products are often tested and used by professionals who require reliable performance in critical situations. This endorsement by such demanding customers is a testament to the quality and reliability of Underwood Ammo's products.

In addition to their standard ammunition offerings, Underwood Ammo has also developed specialty rounds for specific applications. These include subsonic ammunition for suppressed firearms and high-velocity rounds for long-range shooting. Their ability to innovate and adapt to the needs of the shooting community has kept Underwood Ammo at the forefront of the industry.

Underwood Ammo Products

Handgun Ammunition

Xtreme Defender Line
  • Use Case: Self-defense, providing reliable performance in high-stress situations like home invasions or personal assaults. Ideal for concealed carry, offering peace of mind with superior stopping power.
  • Unique Features: Utilizes a solid copper projectile with advanced fluting technology, creating high velocity and deep penetration without over-penetration. This ensures maximum stopping power while minimizing risks to bystanders. The flutes redirect hydraulic energy outward, creating a larger wound cavity and enhancing effectiveness.
Xtreme Penetrator Line
  • Use Case: Self-defense and hunting, suitable for large threats such as aggressive animals and tough game. This ammunition is also effective for barrier penetration in defensive scenarios.
  • Unique Features: Features a solid copper bullet with a specially engineered nose that provides deep penetration and a wide wound channel. The design ensures the projectile can penetrate tough barriers, making it ideal for dangerous game hunting and defense against large predators.
Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) Line
  • Use Case: Self-defense, delivering maximum energy transfer to incapacitate threats effectively. Commonly used by law enforcement and civilians for its reliable expansion and stopping power.
  • Unique Features: Designed to expand upon impact, the JHP rounds create a larger wound channel and transfer more energy to the target. The jacketed design helps maintain bullet integrity and ensures reliable feeding and function in semi-automatic handguns.

Rifle Ammunition

Controlled Chaos Line
  • Use Case: Hunting, ideal for medium to large game such as deer and elk. Provides a quick, humane kill by maximizing internal damage.
  • Unique Features: These bullets are designed to fragment upon impact, creating multiple wound channels and maximizing damage to vital organs. The controlled fragmentation ensures deep penetration and significant internal damage, enhancing the lethality of each shot.

AccuBond Line

  • Use Case: Hunting, especially effective for large game animals like moose and bear. Ensures ethical and humane kills by providing deep penetration and consistent performance.
  • Unique Features: Bonded-core bullets provide deep penetration and controlled expansion, ensuring effective and humane kills. The bonding process ensures the core and jacket remain together, providing deep penetration and high weight retention for effective stopping power.
Tipped GameKing (TGK) Line
  • Use Case: Hunting, ensuring precise shots and effective performance. Ideal for hunters who require high accuracy for small to medium game.
  • Unique Features: Combines high accuracy with exceptional terminal performance. The polymer tip enhances ballistic performance and initiates rapid expansion upon impact, making it suitable for various game hunting scenarios.

Shotgun Ammunition

Xtreme Defender Shotgun Slugs
  • Use Case: Self-defense and hunting, suitable for large game like boar and deer. Provides effective stopping power in close-range situations.
  • Unique Features: Features a fluted solid slug design that offers deep penetration and large wound channels. The unique fluting ensures reliable performance and stopping power, making it suitable for both self-defense and hunting large game.
Controlled Fracturing Slugs
  • Use Case: Hunting, providing maximum internal damage for an effective hunt. Ideal for hunters seeking high lethality on medium to large game.
  • Unique Features: These slugs are designed to fracture upon impact, creating multiple wound channels to maximize internal damage. This design enhances the slug's effectiveness, ensuring a quick and humane kill.

Where is Underwood Ammo Made?

Underwood Ammo, known for its high-performance ammunition, manufactures its products in the United States. The company operates out of one main facility located in Sparta, Illinois . This plant is the heart of Underwood Ammo’s production, ensuring strict quality control and innovative manufacturing processes to produce some of the most reliable ammunition on the market.

The Underwood Ammo manufacturing facility in Sparta, Illinois , is the sole production site for the company’s extensive range of ammunition. This facility is highly specialized, focusing on precision and quality. The facility produces a wide array of ammunition types, including but not limited to handgun ammunition , rifle ammunition , and specialty rounds such as +P loads and extreme penetrators. The Sparta plant is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and employs rigorous testing protocols to ensure each round meets Underwood's high standards.

The facility employs a dedicated team of workers who are experts in ammunition production. While the exact number of employees isn't publicly disclosed, the team is known for its skill and dedication to producing top-tier ammo. While specific annual production figures aren't available, Underwood Ammo is known for its efficiency and capability to meet high demand, supplying both civilian shooters and law enforcement agencies.

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