Hornady 10mm Auto 135gr MonoFlex Ammo

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10mm Auto
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You want to start hunting with your handgun. You need a round that offers maximum penetration and expansion on impact. Hornady’s 10mm Auto MF round is the perfect choice for you.

Hornady 10mm Auto 135 Grain Highlights:

  • 10mm Auto Great for shooting through your semi-automatic handgun.
  • Velocity – 1,315 fps. Very fast for this round offering flat shooting even at longer distances. This means if you see a prairie dog, you’ll be able to hit the prairie dog.
  • Brass Casing – Good for reloading when you get in from the field.
  • 135 Grain – Very light for this round. This gives you amazing speed when you shoot. 
  • MonoFlex (MF) – Built with a copper alloy material that retains its weight and gives you deeper penetration with expansion.

Hornady is an innovative ammunition company based in the United States. As one of the leaders of projectile design and creation, you can always count on Hornady for precision, accuracy, and quality. 

Important Notice - Southern Defense Ammo: Returns are not accepted for our ammo products, which might be subject to shipping restrictions. For inquiries about Hornady Target/Varmint 10mm Auto, call (972) 652-0196.

Hornady 10mm Auto MonoFlex FAQ:

Hornady’s Handgun Hunter line uses a MonoFlex projectile design combined with an elastomer material to create rapid expansion when your bullet hits its target. This expansion causes a bigger wound channel, making it perfect for hunting.

Hornady designed its Monoflex bullet with a thick, rugged copper jacket. This helps it maintain most of its weight through flight, giving it better penetration on impact. Although this round is lightweight to begin with, it will do maximum damage.

This is match-grade ammo and is rated to shoot in competition if you desire.