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.32 ACP
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You practice self defense at the range a lot. The PMC Bronze .32 ACP FMJ round allows you to shoot a lot of targets with minimal financial investment. Level up your skills with quality ammo without watching your bank balance drop.

PMC Bronze .32 ACP 71 Grain Highlights:

  • .32 ACP Great for your compact pistol.
  • Velocity – 900 fps. This is fairly average velocity for this bullet weight. It will pack a punch at short distances.
  • Brass Casing – Reload this brass multiple times to make it even more cost effective
  • 71 Grain – One of the heavier grain weights. It will give your round maximum impact when it hits your short range target.
  • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) – Perfectly designed to cycle cleanly through your gun. It will also knock every target you hit over, with great penetration.

PMC is a budget friendly ammo company that gives you quality and accuracy in every round. They produce most of their ammo elements in house. This allows them to keep ammo on the shelves even if there are manufacturing and production shortages elsewhere. They are a great option to keep stocked up on so you’re always ready to hit the range.

Southern Defense Ammo Return Policy Reminder: Returns are not accepted for our ammo products, and they may be subject to shipping restrictions. For information about PMC Bronze .32 ACP FMJ, please call (972) 652-0196.

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    .32 ACP ammo by PMC

    Posted by Scott on Apr 22, 2024

    I was aiming for cheap when I purchased these and the worst I was expecting was maybe a jam now and again, or more likely, a lot of residue left over after use. I can say with confidence that I did not run into either of these issues. Of course, you should always clean your firearm after using it. I do. I disassemble, clean and lube my firearms after each use and putting this ammo through my pistol, I was satisfied with the quality. I had not one single jam, and cleaning afterwards was very routine. This ammo is great for target practice, out on the range for the day. If your looking for defense, these aren't made for that but have the ability to do what's required in a pinch. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and I might actually get the bulk option when I'm close to running out of these ones. Thank you, Southern Defense!

PMC Bronze .32 ACP FMJ FAQ:

The 32 ACP is often used as a concealed carry round for personal protection.

A .32 ACP is generally quieter than a 9mm round.

The .32 ACP has minimal recoil making secondary shots more accurate. It’s also relatively small, making it easy for you to carry wherever you go.