MagTech Ammo

Magtech Ammo: In Depth

Magtech is a brand known for producing high-quality ammunition for shooters around the world. Founded in 1926, Magtech has been a reliable source for various types of ammunition for nearly a century. The company is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, and has earned a solid reputation in the global market.

Magtech offers a wide range of ammunition products, including bullets for rifles , handguns , and shotguns . Whether you're a professional shooter, a law enforcement officer, or someone who enjoys shooting as a hobby, Magtech has something to meet your needs. Their products are designed with precision and reliability in mind, ensuring that every shot counts.

One of the significant notable facts about Magtech is their commitment to innovation and quality. They utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and rigorous testing processes to ensure that their ammunition meets the highest standards of performance and safety. This dedication has made Magtech a preferred choice among shooting enthusiasts.

In addition to their commitment to quality, Magtech is also known for its environmental responsibility. They adopt sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes to minimize environmental impact, showcasing their commitment to not only the shooting community but also to the planet.

Magtech's long history, commitment to quality, and dedication to sustainability make it a respected and trusted brand in the ammunition industry. Whether you're practicing at the shooting range or in a competitive shooting event, Magtech's reliable and precise ammunition is designed to help you achieve your shooting goals.

Magtech Ammo History

The journey of Magtech began in 1926, under the original name Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), in São Paulo, Brazil. This makes Magtech one of the older ammunition companies, with nearly a century of experience in producing reliable ammunition for various purposes.

Over the years, Magtech has undergone significant transformations, reflecting its commitment to innovation and quality. Initially focused on serving the local Brazilian market, the company expanded its reach globally, becoming a trusted name among shooters and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

In terms of ownership, CBC, which stands for Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos, remains the parent company of Magtech. CBC is a global leader in the ammunition market, also owning other prestigious brands in the industry. This consolidation under CBC has allowed Magtech to benefit from shared technology, research, and development resources, enhancing its product offerings.

Magtech is especially known for working with notable customers, including military and police forces around the world. This clientele reflects the brand's ability to meet stringent quality and performance standards required by such demanding users. The trust placed in Magtech by these professional organizations speaks volumes about the reliability and effectiveness of its ammunition.

One of the hallmarks of Magtech's success has been its commitment to developing notable technologies and products. The company has been at the forefront of ammunition innovation, offering a wide range of calibers and bullet designs. This includes everything from standard target shooting rounds to specialized self-defense and tactical ammunition. Magtech's approach to manufacturing, which emphasizes quality control and technological advancement, has allowed it to develop products that meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Moreover, Magtech has made significant contributions to the industry through the development of environmentally friendly practices, including lead-free primers and projectiles. This commitment to sustainability, combined with its history of reliability and innovation, ensures Magtech remains a respected and preferred choice among shooters globally.

As it approaches its centenary, Magtech continues to stand out in the ammunition industry for its dedication to quality, innovation, and service. Whether for sport, self-defense, or professional use, Magtech's products embody the company's long-standing tradition of excellence and reliability.

Magtech Products Overview

Each of Magtech’s product lines is designed with specific uses in mind, such as self-defense, target shooting, and hunting. Here's a detailed look at Magtech's product lines and what makes each one special.

Pistol and Revolver Ammunition

  • Sport Shooting: This line includes a variety of calibers like 9mm , .40 S&W , and .45 ACP . It's perfect for target shooting and training, offering reliability and accuracy.
  • Self-Defense: The self-defense line features high-performance cartridges designed to provide maximum stopping power with controlled expansion, ideal for personal protection. Look for choices like the Guardian Gold series.
  • Cowboy Action: Tailored for the cowboy action shooter, this ammo is made to be safe and reliable for old-west style competitive shooting. It includes calibers like .45 Colt and .44-40 Winchester.

Rifle Ammunition

  • Tactical/Defense: Magtech's tactical and defense rifle ammunition is engineered for precision and power. It includes options like the 5.56mm and .308 Winchester , suitable for both defense and tactical competitions.
  • Hunting: For hunters, Magtech offers ammunition designed to deliver optimal performance, including deep penetration and expansion. The hunting line features popular calibers tailored for various game sizes.

Shotgun Ammunition

  • Sporting: The sporting shotgun line is ideal for clay shooting and other shotgun sports. These shells are designed for consistent performance and tight patterns at various distances.
  • Hunting: Magtech's hunting shotgun shells provide the power and reliability needed for waterfowl, turkey, and upland game hunting. They are designed to deliver maximum energy and effective patterns.

Rimfire Ammunition

  • Training and Plinking: This line is great for casual shooting, training, and fun. It offers reliability and accuracy for .22 LR rifles and pistols, perfect for shooters of all levels.

Specialty Ammunition

  • Less-Lethal: For situations requiring non-lethal solutions, Magtech's less-lethal line includes rubber buckshot and other options for law enforcement and personal defense.

Magtech is committed to producing high-quality ammunition for a variety of purposes. Whether you're a competitive shooter, hunter, or in need of self-defense options, Magtech has a product line designed to meet your needs. Each line is crafted with care and precision, ensuring reliability, performance, and satisfaction.

Where is Magtech Ammo Made?

Magtech, as a brand under CBC, benefits from the extensive infrastructure and experience of its parent company. CBC operates three production units within Brazil: one in São Paulo and two in Rio Grande do Sul. These facilities are strategically placed to leverage local expertise and resources, ensuring the production of high-quality ammunition that meets the rigorous standards of users around the globe.

Additionally, CBC has a significant international footprint, with subsidiaries and distribution centers in North America and Europe, including a Magtech distribution center in Hamburg, Germany, and Magtech Ammunition Inc. in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota , USA. This international presence is pivotal for Magtech, facilitating the distribution of its ammunition to various markets and ensuring that it reaches a wide audience​​​​​​.

CBC Global Ammunition, the holding company for CBC, along with Magtech, MEN in Germany, and Sellier & Bellot in the Czech Republic, forms one of the largest ammunition corporations in the world. With more than 3,500 skilled workers, CBC Global Ammunition produces over 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition each year, excluding rimfire cartridges and shotshells. This production capacity underscores the scale at which Magtech operates, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality, consistency, and reliability​​​​.

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