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Alexander Arms: In Depth

Founded in 2001 by Bill Alexander, Alexander Arms has carved a distinctive niche in the firearms industry from its headquarters in Radford, Virginia . Renowned for developing specialized ammunition in various calibers, including the .50 Beowulf and the 6.5 Grendel, the brand is committed to innovation and quality across its product range.

The .50 Beowulf caliber is crafted for sheer power, making it an ideal choice for hunters and tactical shooters who require a round that can deliver significant impact at close ranges. Whether for hunting large game or for tactical breaching, this ammunition provides reliable, forceful performance. Meanwhile, the 6.5 Grendel stands out for its long-range precision. With its lower recoil and consistent trajectory, it is a preferred round among competitive shooters and hunters seeking efficiency and accuracy from greater distances.

Alexander Arms is not only dedicated to producing high-quality firearms but also ensures that their rifles are optimized for the unique rounds they develop. Their extensive product line includes advanced weapons, high-quality ammunition in different calibers, and a range of parts and accessories , each reflecting the company's high standards of precision and quality.

This focus on comprehensive solutions in firearms and ammunition allows Alexander Arms to meet the diverse needs of its global customer base, reinforcing its reputation as a leader in firearms innovation and craftsmanship. Whether customers are looking for a dependable rifle system or specialized components and accessories, Alexander Arms stands ready to deliver excellence and innovation.

Alexander Arms Ammo History

Founded in January 2001 by Bill Alexander, Alexander Arms quickly became a recognizable name in the firearms industry. Bill Alexander, formerly the top armorer for the UK, leveraged his extensive experience in designing new weapons and innovative ammunition. Determined to push the boundaries of firearm technology, he relocated to the United States and established Alexander Arms on the principles of innovation and superior design. This dedication led to the development of two groundbreaking cartridges, the .50 Beowulf® and the 6.5 Grendel.

Bill Alexander's initial breakthrough was the .50 Beowulf® cartridge. This innovative design combined the formidable power of a .50 caliber round with the adaptability of the AR-15 platform, offering unmatched stopping power for hunting and tactical use. The .50 Beowulf® quickly set a new standard for high-impact, versatile ammunition.

Following the success of the .50 Beowulf®, Bill Alexander identified the need for a long-range cartridge that offered both precision and power. His response was the 6.5 Grendel, which provides a flat trajectory, superb accuracy, and significant hitting power, surpassing other cartridges in its class. Engineered to integrate seamlessly with the AR-15 platform, the 6.5 Grendel further cemented Alexander Arms’ reputation for innovative and reliable designs.

Operating from the Radford Arsenal in Virginia , Alexander Arms ensures that their manufacturing process adheres strictly to the highest standards of quality and precision. The company’s commitment to excellence is clear in every rifle they produce, designed with the understanding that performance, reliability, and safety are paramount.

Alexander Arms continues to be driven by Bill Alexander's original vision of pushing the limits of firearm technology. This commitment to innovation keeps Alexander Arms at the leading edge of the firearms industry, renowned for producing top-quality rifles and cartridges that meet the demanding needs of hunters, competitors, and tactical users alike.

Alexander Arms Products

Alexander Arms Rifles

Beowulf Series

The Beowulf series from Alexander Arms is renowned for its formidable power, leveraging the heavy-hitting .50 Beowulf caliber to deliver exceptional performance in various challenging environments. This series includes models like the Beowulf Hunter, Beowulf AWS, and Beowulf Tactical, each tailored for specific needs ranging from large game hunting to demanding tactical operations.

  • Use Case: Ideal for hunters targeting large game such as deer and wild boar, as well as for military and law enforcement operations requiring high stopping power at close to medium ranges.
  • Unique Features: Heavy-duty .50 caliber performance ideal for large game or tactical situations, with customizable stocks and rail systems, and a durable design ensuring reliability and precision.
6.5 Grendel Rifles

The 6.5 Grendel rifles from Alexander Arms excel in long-range precision, offering a perfect balance of power and accuracy. The series is made up of several models tailored to different shooting disciplines, including the Tactical, GDMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), Hunter, and Blitz, each designed to optimize performance for its specific context.

  • Use Case: Perfect for precision shooters and hunters who demand accuracy over long distances, as well as for tactical and competitive scenarios.
  • Unique Features: Exceptional long-range capabilities with a 6.5 Grendel caliber that provides less recoil and superior ballistics, featuring models with specialized configurations like adjustable stocks, enhanced optics mounts, and lightweight designs for various shooting needs.
.17 HMR Rifles

The .17 HMR rifles from Alexander Arms are specifically engineered for shooters who require precision and efficiency in small caliber rifles. This series includes the Varmint, Tactical, and Standard models, each designed to offer distinct advantages for their intended uses.

  • Use Case: Ideal for varmint hunting, target shooting, and tactical applications where accuracy and minimal bullet drop at extended ranges are crucial.
  • Unique Features: High-velocity .17 HMR caliber that excels in accuracy and flat trajectory, complemented by configurations that include heavy barrels for stability, adjustable stocks for comfort, and rail systems for accessory enhancements.
.300 AAC Blackout Rifles

The .300 AAC Blackout rifles from Alexander Arms cater to users looking for a powerful and versatile platform capable of handling both subsonic and supersonic loads. This series is available in Elite and Standard models, each optimized for specific operational requirements.

  • Use Case: Excellent for tactical operations, hunting, and sport shooting, particularly effective in suppressed firearm applications due to its lower noise and flash signatures.
  • Unique Features: Robust .300 AAC Blackout caliber that offers versatility for use with a wide range of ammunition, featuring options like advanced suppression systems, adjustable gas blocks for performance tuning, and ergonomic designs for enhanced shooter comfort.

Alexander Arms Pistols

.50 Beowulf Pistols
  • Use Case: These pistols are ideal for hunting large game or for personal defense situations that demand formidable stopping power.
  • Unique Feature: The .50 Beowulf cartridge delivers unmatched knockdown power in a compact firearm, making it a superior choice for those requiring strength and portability.
6.5 Grendel Pistols
  • Use Case: Perfect for medium to long-range shooting, these pistols are favored by competitive shooters and hunters who need accuracy at distance.
  • Unique Feature: The 6.5 Grendel offers excellent ballistic performance with significantly less recoil, enhancing both comfort and shot precision.
.17 HMR Pistols
  • Use Case: Tailored for varmint hunting and target shooting, where precision and minimal recoil are critical.
  • Unique Feature: The .17 HMR provides a flat trajectory and high velocity, ideal for achieving pinpoint accuracy against small game and pests at extended ranges.

Alexander Arms Ammunition

.50 Beowulf

The .50 Beowulf® by Alexander Arms is designed to significantly enhance the firepower of the AR-15 platform, catering to those who require a robust solution for hunting large game or personal defense. This ammunition leverages its exceptional power to provide users with capabilities typically seen in larger or more cumbersome firearms, all within the familiar and versatile AR-15 frame.

  • Use Case: Specifically developed for hunters and defense enthusiasts, the .50 Beowulf® is excellent for taking down big game like deer and hogs, or providing a decisive advantage in personal defense situations where stopping power is critical.
  • Unique Features: This ammunition transforms a standard AR-15 into a powerful hunting and defense tool, offering high stopping power in a platform known for its reliability and ease of use. It achieves this without requiring extensive modifications to the firearm, making it an accessible upgrade for many shooters.
6.5 Grendel

Alexander Arms' 6.5 Grendel ammunition is meticulously engineered for those who prioritize precision and efficiency in their shooting. Whether it's for competitive sports or hunting, this caliber is optimized for long-range performance, combining low recoil with high accuracy to meet the demands of serious marksmen.

  • Use Case: Ideal for long-range shooting scenarios, the 6.5 Grendel excels in competitive shooting arenas as well as in hunting environments where precision is required at greater distances.
  • Unique Features: The 6.5 Grendel is celebrated for its ability to maintain a flat trajectory and deliver consistent accuracy over long distances. It provides a perfect blend of power and minimal recoil, facilitating extended shooting sessions without causing significant fatigue to the shooter.

Where is Alexander Arms Ammo Made?

Alexander Arms, renowned for its high-performance rifles and ammunition, operates exclusively out of its headquarters in Radford, Virginia , USA. This facility is the central hub for all their operations, including the production of firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

Located at the same address as their headquarters, the Radford facility is crucial in manufacturing Alexander Arms' specialized ammunition lines, such as the proprietary .50 Beowulf and 6.5 Grendel rounds. These products are highly sought after in the hunting and precision shooting communities for their exceptional quality and performance.

The Radford site serves not only as a production facility but also as a research and development center. Here, Alexander Arms innovates and tests new technologies and ammunition types, ensuring they stay at the forefront of the firearms industry. While specific details on the production volume or number of employees at this location are not publicly disclosed, the integration of their headquarters and manufacturing operations emphasizes the company’s commitment to quality and efficiency. This setup ensures smooth production processes and ongoing innovation, maintaining Alexander Arms' reputation as a leader in the firearms sector.

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