Ammo Inc. .300 Win Mag 180gr Super Shock Tip Ammo

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.300 Win Mag
Ammo Inc
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You’re looking for a quality round for your next elk hunt. The good news is you can pick it up now - Ammo Inc’s .300 Win Mag SST will do the trick. 

Ammo Inc .300 Win Mag 180 Grain Highlights:

  • 300 Winchester Magnum Cycle this through your bolt action rifle.
  • Velocity – 3,130 fps. One of the faster rounds for this weight, making this is a great long-distance hunting bullet.
  • Brass Casing – Ready to reload right after you shoot.
  • 180 Grain – One of the heavier rounds, although not the heaviest. This round gives you maximum force on impact while still giving you the ability to hit longer-distance shots.
  • Super Shock Tip (SST) – It gives your round great expansion after the initial hit to create a larger wound channel for an ethical kill.

Ammo Inc. is dedicated to bringing you quality ammo that gets you results. As a newer ammo company, they have a lot to prove, but so far they're doing a great job. Pick up a box of Ammo Inc .300 Win Mag and see for yourself!

Please Note: Southern Defense doesn't accept returns for ammo products, which may be subject to shipping restrictions. Queries about Ammo Inc .300 Win Mag can be directed to (972) 652-0196.

Ammo Inc .300 Win Mag SST FAQ:

.300 Win Mag is a very popular hunting round. Even with new calibers coming out, it is one of the most popular hunting rounds, particularly for larger game like elk.

.300 Win Mag shoots very flat. You don’t have to adjust your aim much to account for bullet drop until about 300 yards.

.300 Win Mag shoots far and will easily take down big game. You can also get lower-grain bullets for shooting deer and medium game without as much meat loss.

Hornady’s Super Shock Tip ammo is designed specifically for hunting. With a polymer tip that gets driven into the lead core on impact, it gives you amazing expansion when the bullet hits your target. This creates a large wound channel. It also has a boat tail design so it flies flatter than many similar bullets. Giving you great accuracy and stability at longer distances.