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Buffalo Bore Ammo: In Depth

Buffalo Bore is a renowned ammunition manufacturer known for producing high-performance rounds designed to offer exceptional power and accuracy. Founded in 1997 by Tim Sundles, Buffalo Bore is headquartered in Salmon, Idaho , where they focus on creating some of the most powerful handgun , rifle , and shotgun rounds available on the market.

What sets Buffalo Bore apart is their commitment to quality and innovation. They specialize in heavy loads that maximize the potential of a firearms , making their products ideal for hunting and self-defense. Each round is meticulously crafted to ensure it delivers maximum reliability and performance under various conditions. This includes their famous Anti-Personnel 44 Special Ammo and their heavy 357 Magnum loads, which are specifically engineered to help shooters achieve more precise and impactful shots.

Buffalo Bore is particularly noted for its strict quality control processes. Each batch of ammunition is hand-inspected, and the company uses only the finest raw materials to produce a consistent and reliable product. This attention to detail has earned Buffalo Bore a strong following among enthusiasts who need ammo that can perform exceptionally in demanding situations.

Furthermore, Buffalo Bore is committed to environmental responsibility. They offer a significant range of lead-free ammunition, catering to hunters and shooters in states with strict lead regulations, ensuring that all customers have access to high-quality and compliant ammo options.

For those who demand the utmost from their ammunition, whether for big game hunting or for comprehensive self-defense, Buffalo Bore provides the power and precision necessary to handle challenging environments and targets.

Buffalo Bore Ammo History

Buffalo Bore Ammunition is a high-performance ammunition manufacturer known for its powerful and accurate rounds. Founded in 1997 by Tim Sundles, Buffalo Bore is based in Salmon, Idaho . Over the years, the company has carved a niche in the market by specializing in heavy loads designed to maximize the potential of firearms. These products are particularly favored in hunting and self-defense scenarios.

Since its inception, Buffalo Bore has focused on innovation and maintaining stringent quality standards. One of the brand's standout features is its meticulous approach to craftsmanship. Each round of ammunition is hand-inspected to ensure reliability and performance, a process that has helped build a loyal customer base among shooting enthusiasts who require dependable ammo for challenging situations.

Buffalo Bore is also known for developing specialized products, such as the Anti-Personnel 44 Special Ammo and heavy 357 Magnum loads. These rounds are engineered for precision and impact, aiding shooters in achieving better accuracy and effectiveness. The development of these products reflects Buffalo Bore's commitment to enhancing shooting experiences through technical advancements.

In addition to their technical innovations, Buffalo Bore demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility. They offer a range of lead-free ammunition options, catering to users in regions with stringent lead usage regulations. This ensures that all customers have access to compliant and high-quality ammunition.

Over the years, Buffalo Bore has maintained its independent status, continuing to operate under the leadership of its founder, Tim Sundles. The company's dedication to quality, coupled with its innovative products and environmentally friendly options, positions Buffalo Bore as a distinct and respected name in the ammunition industry.

Buffalo Bore Ammunition Products

Special Ammunition

45 Colt +P Dangerous Game Heavy
  • Use Case: The 45 Colt +P Dangerous Game Heavy load by Buffalo Bore is crafted specifically for hunters and individuals needing reliable ammunition for potentially dangerous game. This round is ideal for use in situations where large and aggressive animals might be encountered, ensuring that the shooter has enough stopping power to handle such threats effectively.
  • Unique Features: This ammunition is designed to deliver high performance under duress. It offers enhanced velocity and energy, optimized for maximum impact and penetration, crucial when dealing with larger game species. The formulation is such that it provides consistent performance even in extreme conditions, making it a reliable choice for adventurous hunters.
475 Linebaugh TM Hard Cast LBT-LFN GC and JFN
  • Use Case: Tailored for the robust 475 Linebaugh revolver, these offerings from Buffalo Bore include the Hard Cast LBT-LFN GC (Lead Bullet Technology-Long Flat Nose Gas Checked) and JFN (Jacketed Flat Nose) loads. They are ideal for big game hunting where deep penetration and impact are necessary to ensure a humane and effective shot.
  • Unique Features: The Hard Cast LBT-LFN GC bullets are known for their deep penetration capabilities, resisting deformation even against tough hide and bones. The JFN bullets offer a balance of penetration and expansion, designed to deliver lethal performance without over-penetration.
577 Nitro Express (3")
  • Use Case: The 577 Nitro Express cartridges from Buffalo Bore, including the Cutting Edge Bullets Flat Nose Solid and Barnes TSX, are engineered for hunting the world's largest game. These rounds are used by seasoned hunters who require ammunition that can deliver reliable, one-shot stops on dangerous game.
  • Unique Features: The Cutting Edge Bullets Flat Nose Solid is designed for unmatched penetration, ideal for thick-skinned animals where maximum penetration is essential. The Barnes TSX bullet provides all-around performance with quick expansion and high weight retention, offering a combination of stopping power and safety.
600 Nitro Express (3")
  • Use Case: This ammunition is geared towards hunting extremely large game or for use in big game hunting safaris where the power and impact of the 600 Nitro Express are necessary. The offerings include the Hammer Semi Spitzer Soft and Cutting Edge Bullets Flat Nose Solid, each designed for specific hunting needs.
  • Unique Features: The Hammer Semi Spitzer Soft bullet is crafted for maximum impact and expansion, ideal for quickly bringing down game. The Cutting Edge Bullets Flat Nose Solid is tailored for situations requiring straight-line penetration, able to defeat tough hides and heavy bone structures.

Buffalo Bore Handgun Ammunition

32-20 Winchester +P
  • Use Case: Excellently suited for enhanced performance in self-defense and target shooting with higher pressure capabilities, ideal for those looking to maximize their firearm’s potential in various shooting scenarios.
  • Unique Features: This ammunition line includes options such as Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) for rapid expansion, Full Metal Jacket-Flat Nose (FMJ-FN) for deep penetration and reliability, and Lead-Free variants for environmentally conscious users, all designed to maintain superior quality under increased pressures.
38 WCF aka 38-40 Winchester
  • Use Case: Specifically designed for use in older model revolvers where maintaining accuracy and ensuring deep penetration are crucial, especially in hunting and historical shooting recreations.
  • Unique Features: Employs Hard Cast bullets that are ideal for achieving consistent performance and maintaining barrel integrity, making them a favorite among vintage firearm enthusiasts.
40 S&W +P and Outdoorsman Standard Pressure
  • Use Case: Ranges from defensive applications in urban environments to rugged outdoor settings, offering versatile options that cater to legally enhanced stopping power needs and environmental sustainability.
  • Unique Features: The diversity in bullet types such as JHP for defense, FMJ-FN for training, Lead-Free for reduced environmental impact, and Hard Cast Flat Nose for optimal penetration in hunting scenarios reflects a commitment to comprehensive ammunition solutions.
45 Winchester Magnum and Outdoorsman
  • Use Case: Developed for hunters and individuals in self-defense scenarios who require ammunition with exceptional stopping power to take down large game or provide critical defense capabilities.
  • Unique Features: The lineup includes Hard Cast Flat Nose bullets that excel in tough hunting conditions, Full Metal Jacket for consistent feeding and reliability, and Jacketed Hollow Points for optimal expansion upon impact.
45 Colt and +P
  • Use Case: Offers a broad spectrum of applications from traditional hunting and self-defense to handling very large or dangerous game with the enhanced power of the +P variants.
  • Unique Features: A variety of bullet designs are available including Jacketed Hollow Point for lethal terminal performance, Lead-Free for ecological considerations, Hard Cast Wadcutter for clean and precise cuts in target shooting, and Soft Cast Hollow Nose for maximum stopping power in field use.
45 GAP
  • Use Case: Perfectly optimized for 45 GAP chambered handguns, providing well-balanced performance in personal defense and law enforcement roles.
  • Unique Features: Cartridges are designed to offer reduced recoil, consistent velocity, and reliable expansion, ensuring high performance under various conditions.
475 Linebaugh TM
  • Use Case: Primarily used for big game hunting and protection against large predators, where deep penetration and massive stopping power are paramount.
  • Unique Features: Features include Hard Cast LBT-LFN GC for unmatched penetration through tough hides and bones, and Jacketed Flat Nose bullets that offer a balance between penetration and impact trauma.

Buffalo Bore Rifle Ammunition

7mm Remington Magnum Supercharged
  • Use Case: Ideally suited for long-range hunting enthusiasts looking to achieve exceptional accuracy and powerful terminal performance on game at distance.
  • Unique Features: Available in Lead-Free for environmental safety, Nosler Partition for dual-core partitioning and consistent expansion, and Ballistic Tip to ensure precision accuracy and dramatic expansion.
30 M1 Carbine
  • Use Case: An excellent choice for recreational shooting and hunting small game, with compatibility across traditional and modern M1 carbine rifles.
  • Unique Features: Features Soft Point Round Nose for effective game hunting, Full Metal Jacket-Round Nose for reliable feeding, Jacketed Hollow Point for quick expansion, and Hard Cast Gas Check Flat Nose for deep penetration on tougher targets.
30-30 Winchester
  • Use Case: A classic choice for deer hunters needing effective medium-range performance with manageable recoil.
  • Unique Features: Offers Jacketed Flat Nose bullets for deep penetration in thick game and Lead-Free options for those hunting in zones with non-toxic ammunition requirements.
308 Winchester
  • Use Case: A versatile cartridge that serves well in both tactical applications and big game hunting, suitable for a wide range of firearms from bolt-action rifles to semi-automatics.
  • Unique Features: Includes Sierra Boat Tail Hollow Point bullets for superb long-distance accuracy and a supercharged 150 gr option that delivers exceptional velocity and impact.

Where is Buffalo Bore Ammo Made?

Buffalo Bore Ammunition is manufactured in the United States, specifically in Salmon, Idaho . The company, founded in 1997 by Tim Sundles, is known for producing high-quality, high-performance ammunition. Buffalo Bore specializes in heavy and high-velocity loads, catering especially to hunters and those in need of effective self-defense ammunition.

The production facility in Salmon is the heart of their operations, where a wide range of ammunition is developed and tested. Buffalo Bore is particularly recognized for its "Heavy" ammunition line, which includes powerful options like the .475 and .500 Linebaugh cartridges, initially some of the first commercial loads offered by the company. Moreover, they produce specialized +P and +P+ rounds, such as the 9 mm +P+ that pushes a 124-grain JHP to over 1,350 fps from a 5-inch barrel.

Buffalo Bore's commitment to safety and precision is evident in their rigorous testing protocols. They use ballistic-test labs to ensure that their ammunition stays within safe pressure levels, despite often exceeding SAAMI specifications. This meticulous approach to ammunition manufacturing ensures each batch's consistency and reliability.

While specific details about the number of employees or the annual output of the Salmon facility are not publicly available, Buffalo Bore's reputation speaks volumes about their capability and dedication to producing some of the most reliable and effective ammunition on the market.

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