DoubleTap Ammo: In Depth

DoubleTap Ammo began with a straightforward vision: to create high-performance 10mm ammunition that wasn’t readily available on the market. This vision came from Mike McNett, who founded DoubleTap Ammunition in 2002. Starting in his garage, Mike combined his passion for firearms with extensive research and testing to develop top-tier ammunition. Today, DoubleTap is renowned for producing powerful, reliable, and accurate rounds.

Located in Cedar City, Utah , DoubleTap has quickly gained a reputation for excellence in the ammunition industry. The company specializes in a broad range of products, including defensive, hunting, and specialty ammunition. Each round is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring superior quality control and precision.

DoubleTap is at the forefront of innovation, offering ammunition designed for maximum performance. Their high-velocity loads and controlled expansion bullets are particularly popular among hunters and self-defense enthusiasts. Every round produced by DoubleTap is hand-inspected, emphasizing their commitment to quality and reliability.

Customers of DoubleTap often become loyal advocates, recommending their ammunition to friends and family. Whether you need dependable rounds for personal defense, hunting, or competitive shooting, DoubleTap Ammo provides top-quality solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and craftsmanship.

Double Tap Ammo History

Double Tap Ammunition was founded in 2002 by Mike McNett in Cedar City, Utah . McNett, an avid shooter and reloader, saw a niche in the ammunition market for high-performance, reliable ammo. He started the company to produce rounds that provided greater stopping power and higher velocity, tailored for hunting and self-defense.

Over the years, Double Tap has expanded its product line to include a wide range of calibers, from popular choices like 9mm and .45 ACP to more specialized rounds like 10mm Auto , which has become one of their signature products. The brand is particularly noted for revitalizing interest in the 10mm Auto caliber, known for its powerful ballistics, which had previously been somewhat neglected in the market.

Double Tap is a family-owned business, with McNett remaining at the helm, ensuring the company’s focus on quality and performance. This dedication has led to a strong reputation among civilian shooters, hunters, and law enforcement agencies. Their ammunition is known for consistent performance, precision, and power, making it a preferred choice for those needing reliable self-defense and hunting solutions.

One of Double Tap’s notable developments is their Controlled Expansion (CE) technology, designed to provide optimal expansion and penetration in their bullets. This technology is particularly beneficial in self-defense scenarios, ensuring maximum stopping power while minimizing the risk of over-penetration.

In addition to their innovative bullet designs, Double Tap offers a variety of specialized loads, including hard cast bullets for deep penetration, which are favored by hunters for their ability to take down large game. They also produce lighter recoil rounds, catering to shooters who prefer less kick without sacrificing performance.

Double Tap’s commitment to quality has earned them partnerships with several law enforcement agencies, which use their ammunition for duty and training purposes. Their products are rigorously tested to meet stringent standards, ensuring reliability in critical situations.

Through its dedication to innovation and performance, Double Tap Ammunition has established itself as a leading name in the ammunition industry. The company continues to evolve, consistently introducing new products that meet the needs of shooters and hunters worldwide, maintaining a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, dependable ammunition.

DoubleTap Ammunition Products

Controlled Expansion

  • Use Case: Specifically designed for medium to large game hunting, ensuring effective and humane kills.
  • Unique Features: This line features bullets that expand reliably upon impact, which provides deep penetration while maintaining a controlled and consistent path through the target. The controlled expansion ensures that the bullet performs effectively, reducing the likelihood of over-penetration and maximizing damage to vital areas, making it an excellent choice for hunters targeting deer, elk, and similar game.

DT Lead Free

  • Use Case: Ideal for use in areas with lead restrictions, as well as for self-defense purposes.
  • Unique Features: The DT Lead Free line utilizes solid copper bullets, which offer excellent penetration and consistent expansion without the use of lead. This makes it a perfect choice for environmentally conscious shooters and those required to adhere to regulations prohibiting lead ammunition. The lead-free design ensures high performance while minimizing environmental impact and health risks associated with lead exposure, making it suitable for both hunting and personal defense.

Bonded Defense

  • Use Case: Engineered for optimal performance in self-defense situations.
  • Unique Features: Bonded Defense ammunition features bonded jacketed hollow point bullets, designed to retain their weight and penetrate deeply with controlled expansion. This bonding process ensures that the bullet remains intact even when passing through barriers such as clothing or glass, enhancing its stopping power and reliability. It is specifically crafted to deliver consistent and effective performance in critical defensive scenarios, providing peace of mind for those who carry for personal protection.

Hardcast Solid

  • Use Case: Designed for hunting large and dangerous game, providing maximum stopping power.
  • Unique Features: The Hardcast Solid line uses hardcast lead bullets, known for their exceptional penetration capabilities. These bullets are designed to punch through tough hide and bone, making them ideal for hunting in rugged conditions and against formidable game such as bears and wild boar. The hardcast design ensures deep penetration, which is crucial for achieving a clean and ethical kill on large animals, making it a reliable choice for hunters facing challenging scenarios.

DT Varmint

  • Use Case: Specifically tailored for varmint and small game hunting, ensuring rapid and effective results.
  • Unique Features: The DT Varmint line features lightweight bullets that achieve high velocities and provide explosive expansion upon impact. This rapid expansion is crucial for effectively taking down small game and pests, as it maximizes energy transfer and minimizes the chances of the animal escaping. These characteristics make it ideal for hunting varmints such as prairie dogs, rabbits, and other small pests, ensuring quick and humane elimination.

DT Longrange

  • Use Case: Perfectly suited for long-range target shooting and precision hunting.
  • Unique Features: The DT Longrange line is optimized for precision and accuracy at extended distances, featuring bullets designed to maintain stability and consistent performance over long ranges. This makes it an excellent choice for shooters and hunters who require pinpoint accuracy for long-distance engagements. The consistent performance and high ballistic coefficients ensure that these rounds deliver reliable trajectories and tight groupings, making them ideal for competitive shooting and hunting scenarios where precision is paramount.

Where is Double Tap Ammo Made?

Double Tap Ammunition is proudly manufactured in Cedar City, Utah , USA. Established in 2002 by Mike McNett, the company has grown significantly from its beginnings in McNett's garage to a well-regarded producer of high-performance ammunition.

The main manufacturing facility is located at 450 N 200 W, Cedar City, UT. This site handles the entire production process, including the assembly and inspection of ammunition. Each round of Double Tap ammunition is meticulously inspected by hand to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Double Tap is especially known for its extensive line of 10mm ammunition , but it produces a wide range of cartridges, including rifle and handgun rounds across various calibers. The company offers over 360 different loads in more than 70 different cartridges, using premium components from brands like Nosler , Barnes , and Speer . This variety includes specialized loads for defense, hunting, and target shooting.

Double Tap’s dedication to quality control is reflected in its process, where every cartridge is handled and inspected by human hands rather than solely relying on automated machinery. This hands-on approach ensures superior performance and reliability, which is crucial for applications in both hunting and self-defense.

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