Federal .224 Valkyrie American Eagle 75gr TMJ Ammo

Federal Ammo

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.224 Valkyrie
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When precision and performance are your top priorities, Federal .224 Valkyrie American Eagle 75gr TMJ Ammo delivers. Perfect for long-range shooting enthusiasts, this ammunition provides consistent accuracy and reliable performance in every shot. Whether you're honing your skills at the range or competing in a shooting match, this ammo ensures you hit your mark with confidence.

Federal .224 Valkyrie American Eagle 75gr TMJ Highlights:

  • Caliber: .224 Valkyrie
  • Bullet Weight: 75 grains
  • Bullet Type: TMJ (Total Metal Jacket)
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3000 feet per second
  • Muzzle Energy: 1499 foot-pounds
  • Balistic Coefficient: .400
  • Sectional Density: .213
  • Packaging: 20 rounds per box

This Ammo is Best For:

  • Long-range target shooting
  • Competitive shooting matches
  • Precision practice sessions

Unique Features:

The Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) bullet design of this ammo significantly reduces lead exposure, promoting a safer and cleaner shooting environment. With a high muzzle velocity of 3,000 fps, this ammunition offers a flat trajectory and minimal wind drift for enhanced accuracy over long distances, while Federal's rigorous quality control ensures each round's reliable performance, boosting your confidence with every shot.

About Federal:

Federal Premium Ammunition, a leader in the ammunition industry since 1922, is renowned for its innovative and reliable products. Based in Anoka, Minnesota, Federal manufactures a wide range of high-quality ammunition for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense. Their commitment to excellence and constant innovation has made them a trusted name among shooters worldwide.

In summary, with Federal .224 Valkyrie American Eagle 75gr TMJ Ammo, you achieve unmatched precision and consistent performance for your long-range shooting needs. Choose this high-quality ammunition to elevate your target practice and competitive shooting experiences.

Please note that this item is non-refundable and may be subject to shipping restrictions. For any questions or assistance, feel free to reach out to us at SouthernDefense.com. Our commitment is to ensure your shooting experience is exceptional in every way.

Federal .224 Valkyrie American Eagle TMJ Ammo FAQ:

The .224 Valkyrie is best suited for AR-15 platform rifles designed for long-range precision shooting. These rifles typically feature a longer barrel and a twist rate optimized for stabilizing the 75-grain bullet.

This .224 Valkyrie ammo is highly effective up to 1,300 yards, with its high muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient providing stable and accurate performance over long distances.

While it's primarily designed for long-range shooting, the .224 Valkyrie can be used for home defense, though other calibers may be more suitable for close-quarter situations due to over-penetration concerns.

While primarily designed for target shooting, it can be used for hunting small to medium-sized game such as coyotes and varmints, thanks to its high velocity and accuracy.

The .224 Valkyrie typically has moderate recoil, making it manageable for most shooters and allowing for quick follow-up shots and prolonged shooting sessions without excessive fatigue.