Fiocchi Training Dynamics 22 WMR 40gr TMJ Ammo

Fiocchi Ammo

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.22 WMR
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Whether you’re looking to varmint hunt or just shoot up targets at the range, Fiocchi 22 WMR is a great choice. This round packs a punch. There’s almost nothing more satisfying than hitting prairie dogs with this round.

Fiocchi .22 WMR 40 Grain Highlights:

  • .22 WMR Ammo Great for a wide range of guns you shoot, including rifles and pistols.
  • Velocity – 1,910 fps. Pretty average speed for this weight of round. It’s optimized for your medium and long-range targets.
  • Brass Casing – If you like reloading, then this one is for you.
  • 40 Grain – Towards the heavier side for this round, it packs a punch when it hits your target.
  • Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) – Giving you no lead exposure, for a completely safe shooting experience.

Fiocchi is a premium ammunition company, largely based in the United States, though they maintain their roots in Italy as well. Fiocchi brings you accurate and precise ammo at the right price. Fiocchi 22 WMR will give you a great day at the range, living up to all the hype.

Southern Defense Ammo Return Policy Reminder: Our policy dictates that returns for ammo products are not accepted, and shipping restrictions may be imposed. For inquiries about Fiocchi Rimfire Ammo 22 WMR, please contact us at (972) 652-0196.

Fiocchi Rimfire Ammo 22 WMR Total Metal Jacket FAQ:

WMR stands for Winchester Magnum Rimfire.

Magnum ammunition has more power in comparison to ammo which is standard of a similar size. This allows it to go further and hit the target harder.

Almost every type of firearm has a gun chambered for 22 WMR. Including bolt action, pump action, lever action, single shot, revolver, semi-automatic, and 410 Bore combo.