Frontier Cartridge 223 Rem 55gr FMJ Ammo


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.223 Remington
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You’re shooting your AR at the range, looking to increase your accuracy for all the coyote hunting you do. Or just wanting to ring steel for the fun of it. If so, Frontier Cartridge .223 Rem FMJ ammo is a great option for you.

Frontier Cartridge 223 Rem Ammo Highlights:

  • .223 Remington Ammo Run this through your AR15 or other semi-automatic rifle.
  • Velocity – 3,240 fps, which is average for this projectile’s weight. It is still extremely fast overall, making it good for your long-range targets.
  • Brass Casing – Reload after you shoot them to maximize your investment. 
  • 55 Grain – On the lower end for the .223 Remington’s weight. It is great for maintaining velocity and hitting your long-range targets with accuracy.
  • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) – For easy cycling through your gun. Your rounds will penetrate but not expand.

Frontier Cartridge is a line of Hornady ammo that produces a few select rounds. American-manufactured, Frontier is a premium brand focusing on consistency and accuracy to give you a few accurate rounds that fit a wide range of applications. Frontier’s 223 Rem FMJ round will have you hitting dead center at the range in no time.

Southern Defense Policy: We want to clarify that returns for our ammo products are not accepted, and they might be subject to shipping restrictions. Contact us at (972) 652-0196 if you have any questions about Frontier Cartridge 223 Rem FMJ.

Frontier Cartridge 223 Rem Full Metal Jacket FAQ:

55 grains is the most common weight to run through the .223. It is popular because it helps you maintain velocity for longer while giving you a flatter flight pattern.

This round is rated for varmint hunting. Just be aware that the Full Metal Jacket design makes it penetrate without expansion. So, it will go straight through the varmint and into whatever is behind your target as well. Always know your backdrop before shooting.

Frontier Cartridge is a product line from Hornady - one of the most well respected ammo manufacturers in the world.