Hornady .224 Valkyrie Varmint Express 60gr V-Max Ammo

Hornady Ammo

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Additional Specs:

.224 Valkyrie
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If you're a hunter or target shooter looking for precision and efficiency, the Hornady .224 Valkyrie Varmint Express 60gr V-Max Ammo is your ideal choice. Designed specifically for long-range performance, this ammunition excels in delivering top-tier accuracy and explosive terminal performance. It's perfect for those aiming to achieve clean, quick varmint kills or tight groupings at extended distances.

Hornady .224 Valkyrie Varmint Express 60gr V-Max Highlights:

  • Caliber: .224 Valkyrie
  • Bullet Weight: 60 grains
  • Bullet Type: V-Max
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3300 feet per second
  • Muzzle Energy: 1451 foot-pounds
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .265
  • Sectional Density: .171
  • Packaging: 20 rounds per box

This Ammo is Best For:

  • Varmint hunting
  • Long-range target shooting

Unique Features:

The Hornady .224 Valkyrie Varmint Express ammunition incorporates V-Max bullet technology, maximizing accuracy and lethality with each shot. Its excellent ballistic performance guarantees minimal wind drift and highly consistent trajectories, enhancing your shooting precision.

About Hornady:

Founded in 1949, Hornady Manufacturing has been at the forefront of ammunition innovation for decades. Known for precision and reliability, Hornady is based in Grand Island, Nebraska, USA, where they continue to craft some of the most advanced ammunition in the world. Their commitment to quality is unmatched, making them a favorite among hunters and competitive shooters.

In conclusion, Hornady .224 Valkyrie Varmint Express ammo is a top choice for precision shooting and effective varmint control, backed by Hornady's reputation for reliability and performance. Its advanced design ensures exceptional results in the field and at the range.

Please note that this item is non-refundable and may be subject to state ammo laws. For any questions or assistance, feel free to reach out to us at SouthernDefense.com. Our commitment is to ensure your shooting experience is exceptional in every way.

Hornady .224 Valkyrie Varmint Express V-Max Ammo FAQ:

This ammunition is specifically designed for smaller game and varmints such as coyotes, foxes, and prairie dogs, providing efficient and humane kills at long range.

While it is possible, the .224 Valkyrie is generally not recommended for deer hunting as its lighter bullet may not provide the necessary stopping power for ethical kills on larger game.

Any rifle chambered for the .224 Valkyrie caliber can fire this ammo effectively, particularly those designed for precision shooting or hunting.

The .224 Valkyrie Varmint Express is effective up to 1,000 yards, making it excellent for long-range varmint hunting where precision is critical.

Yes, the brass used in Hornady .224 Valkyrie Varmint Express ammunition is high quality and can be reloaded for those who prefer to hand load their ammo.