Hornady Black 300 Blackout 208gr A-Max Subsonic Ammo

Hornady Ammo

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300 Blackout
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Do you like lighting up the range with your AR? Or maybe you compete against other marksmen. The Hornady Black .300 Blackout is a great round to make your mark in your next match.

Hornady .300 Blackout 208 Grain Highlights:

  • 300 Blackout Run this round through your AR15.
  • Velocity – 1,020 fps. Fairly average for this bullet weight. It doesn’t break the sound barrier, which makes it a very quiet round. But the slower speed means this is best for closer targets.
  • Brass Casing – Ready for you to reload at the end of the day.
  • 208 Grain – One of your heavier weights for this round. It gives you more penetration and is better at closer ranges.
  • A-Max Subsonic – The perfect subsonic round that gives you an extremely accurate and aerodynamic shot every time you pull the trigger.

Hornady is a world leader in ammunition manufacturing. The company produces American-made ammo with a wide variety of specialized uses. From hunting, to competition, to practice, Hornady has the perfect ammo for the job. Hornady’s 300 blackout 208 grain won’t disappoint.

Southern Defense Ammo Return Policy: Ammo products are non-returnable, and shipping restrictions may be enforced. If you need details about Hornady 300 Blackout ammo, don't hesitate to dial (972) 652-0196.

Hornady .300 Blackout A-Max Subsonic FAQ:

Hornady’s A-Max round is specifically designed for optimized flight trajectories. This makes it ideal as a competition round. The low-drag tip optimizes flight stability, while the geometric profile also reduces drag. Add in the boat tail and you have an extremely aerodynamic round.

Hornady Black ammo is a product line produced by the Hornady Ammunitions company. It is a premium brand and one of their more expensive lines, which emphasizes ammo that is optimized for lots of different platforms. Hornady saw a need in the ammo market for rounds that were designed to cycle cleanly through multiple different gun platforms without creating problems for shooters. Hornady Black is their answer to that problem.

This round operates below the speed of sound due to its heavier grain weight.