Hornady Superformance CX .308 Winchester 165gr Ammo

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You like hunting medium or large game and you need a round that performs. Hornady Superformance .308 Winchester won’t disappoint. With its flat trajectory and extra speed, this round will hit your target every time.

Hornady Superformance 308 Winchester 165gr Highlights:

  • 308 Winchester Round Shoot this through your Bolt action hunting rifle or AR10.
  • Velocity – 2,750 fps. The proprietary Superperformance propellants offer 100-200 more fps than a typical round, making this a fast-shooting bullet.
  • Brass Casing – Reload your shells when you come in from the field.
  • 165 Grain – This is a medium weight for this round, so it will still make great long-distance shots. Giving you the perfect blend of speed and penetration of the target.
  • Copper alloy eXpanding (CX) – Unique to Hornady, these 1-piece copper alloy bullets won’t separate and provide deeper penetration and significant weight retention (95%).

American-made, Hornady is a premier ammunition company that brings you premium ammo. If you want to be the best you have to buy the best. Hornady offers you that in their .308 Winchester 165 grain CX.

Please be Informed: At Southern Defense, returns for our ammo products aren't accepted and may be subject to shipping restrictions. Questions about Hornady Superformance .308 Win? Contact us at (972) 652-0196.

Hornady Superformance .308 Winchester CX FAQ:

Hornady’s Superformance rounds use unique propellants that offer greater pressure upon firing. This means that the Superperformance rounds have more power, consistently outperforming regular rounds by 100-200 fps in velocity.

Hornady’s Copper alloy eXpanding (CX) projectiles are designed to retain weight for longer. Giving better accuracy, extended range, and deeper penetration. All these characteristics make these bullets perfect for hunting.

.308 Winchester is primarily used for hunting deer. However, it can be used for other medium or large game as well.