Buying Ammo and Guns in Arizona

DISCLAIMER: It is your full responsibility to make sure the firearm, ammunition, or accessories you are purchasing is legal for you to own in your state or jurisdiction. The information contained throughout this web site, including the firearm and ammunition state guide provided below, is not legal advice and should not be construed as legal advice.

This leaves much of the regulation of firearms and ammunition within Arizona up to federal regulations. With that said, most of the firearms regulation at the state level in Arizona can be found in Section 13-3108 of Arizona Revised Statutes, which is the legal basis for much of this piece. Importantly, that statute forbids cities, continues, or other political sub-units of the state from making firearms laws that are more restrictive than those at the state level. That means that once someone has a good understanding of the overall state and federal laws around ammunition and firearms in Arizona, that understanding applies to the state as a whole.

While this piece should not be construed as legal advice, it may well serve as a guide for those who are interested in purchasing, owning, and carrying firearms and ammunition within the state of Arizona. Since Arizona’s lack of firearms laws makes it exceptionally permissive, learning the regulations in the state is a simple affair. The gun laws in Arizona are mostly federal, with a small exception carved out for who can own ammunition. All things considered, Arizona’s laws are arguably the most permissive in the country for folks who want to own and carry firearms. 

Ammo Laws/Buying Ammo in Arizona 

First, we will cover the ammo laws of the state.

Arizona has very few restrictions on the sale and possession of ammunition. One restriction that the state does have, is a prohibition on selling or giving children firearms or ammunition without the written consent of the parent or legal guardian of the child.

There is also a general age restriction on ammunition at the federal level. The ATF regulations state that someone has to be eighteen years old to purchase rifle or shotgun ammunition, and twenty-one years old to buy handgun ammunition. Similarly, no one is allowed to possess or purchase firearms if they are what the ATF defines as prohibited persons, which usually includes felons, people convicted of drug crimes or domestic violence, and those ruled mentally unfit by a court. These rules apply in Arizona as well. 

Given that there are few other regulations in Arizona, most people who are old enough to buy ammunition can have it shipped to their residential addresses within the state. Keep in mind that carriers might impose their own rules for ammunition shipments, such as requiring that an adult with a valid ID sign for the package when it is delivered. 

Buying ammunition in Arizona is easy when compared to most other states given that the state itself only asks that purchasers do not give said ammunition to children and imposes no other state-level regulations in addition to the federal age limits. 

Gun Laws/Buying Guns in Arizona 

In much the same vein as their ammunition laws, Arizona gun laws are some of the most permissive in the country. Recall that the state prevents localities such as cities and towns from making gun laws that are more restrictive than those at the state level.

The state does not have laws that mandate background checks for private firearms sales, and, in some cases, goes to some lengths to specify that it does not keep firearms registries. For instance, the law linked above that prohibits the giving or selling of ammunition to children makes it clear that any such written permission that is given by a parent does not, and should not, constitute a government registry.

Similarly, Arizona does not impose additional background checks on firearms purchases. Thus, assuming one is not a prohibited person, buying a firearm at an FFL in the state is a simple matter of bringing an ID, filling out a Form 4473, paying, and leaving once the federal background check clears.

Arizona is also a constitutional carry state, allowing both concealed and open carry without a permit. A local newspaper did an excellent writeup on the current state of carrying a firearm in the state. Vitally, even constitutional carry states have restrictions and Arizona is no exception. Generally, folks with or without permits cannot carry in the following places:

  • Polling Places

  • K-12 Schools

  • Colleges and Universities that have set their own policies 

  • Nuclear power plants

  • Airport Terminals 

  • Mental Institutions

  • People under 21 cannot carry inside a vehicle and need to have their firearms in a case.

These restrictions are nearly universal across the country, even in the most permissive states like Arizona. Arizona does have two interesting facets to its laws regarding the carry of firearms, listed in the above-linked document. First, folks with carrying permits can carry in bars, which many states forbid. Second, Arizona makes it clear that the state’s firearms policies do not apply on Native American reservations, and that people need to check with the tribal governments of these lands for their laws and policies.

Arizona also offers a concealed carry permit, the application for which requires a fee, background check, and course. The state’s website has a transparent application and useful set of information for folks who are interested in getting their Arizona permits. While the permit is not necessary for carrying a concealed firearm within the state, it is widely accepted by neighboring states with some exceptions.

Because Arizona has constitutional carry and does not impose waiting periods, registration, or bans on gun ownership in the state, Arizona is one of, if not the, most permissive state in the USA in terms of owning and carrying firearms.

Since the state is so gun-friendly, it is also a place where several companies manufacture firearms: Armalite is based out of Arizona, and Ruger makes pistols in the state.

Between the lack of bans on ammunition or firearms and the lack of additional taxes or permitting, Arizona is easily one of the most permissive states in terms of firearms. It is one of the easiest places to buy, sell, transfer, carry, or possess firearms in the country. 

Sales Tax on Guns/Ammo in Arizona 

The general sales tax in Arizona is 5.6%, but localities do impose their own sales taxes. Thus, taxes in one city might be as high as 11.2%, making the location of a particular FFL an important part of the final price of a firearm within the state.

Arizona does not impose additional state-level taxes on firearms and ammunition. 

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Arizona Gun Law FAQ:

Assuming that the buyer is old enough (18 for rifle and shotgun ammunition, 21 for pistol ammo), Arizona law does not forbid the shipping of ammunition to residential addresses. The carrier might ask for an adult to sign for the package, though.

The state does offer a concealed carry permit. With that said, there is constitutional carry in the state, which allows residents to carry both open and concealed in many places without a permit.

No: as long as a buyer passes a background check through ATF’s Form 4473, there are no additional waiting periods to get guns in Arizona.

Nope. Arizona allows people to sell or give firearms to one another without a background check or any state registration as long as the seller is reasonably sure that the buyer is not a prohibited person.

Generally, Arizona is among the most permissive states in the country. There are no state-level bans on rifles, pistols, or shotguns of any kind. Additionally, state law forbids localities from placing such bans within the state. In effect, as long as federal laws are followed, Arizona is fine with anything that the ATF is.