Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt 180gr PSPCL Ammo

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When you're out in the wilderness, tracking the game through dense forests or across rugged terrains, you need ammunition that's as tough and reliable as you are. The Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt 180gr PSPCL Ammo is crafted for hunters who demand the best. With a bullet that's designed to deliver unmatched penetration and expansion, this ammunition ensures that your target goes down quickly and humanely. Ideal for those who respect the hunting tradition and strive for a clean, one-shot kill, this ammo is your trusted companion for big game hunting.

Remington 30-06 Springfield  Core-Lokt 180gr PSPCL Ammo Highlights:

  • Caliber: .30-06 Springfield, a time-honored caliber that offers powerful performance for hunters worldwide.
  • Bullet Weight: 180 grains, for superior penetration and knockdown power, essential for larger game animals.
  • Bullet Type: Pointed Soft Point Core-Lokt (PSPCL), providing controlled expansion and deep penetration, even through tough hide and bone.
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,700 feet per second, allowing for a stable and accurate flight path to the target.
  • Muzzle Energy: 2,913 foot-pounds, ensuring that each shot delivers the energy needed for a quick and ethical kill.
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .383, designed for reduced wind drift and excellent stability over long distances.
  • Sectional Density: .271, higher sectional density for better penetration, making it effective against the toughest game.
  • The Bottom Line: Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt 180gr PSPCL Ammo is the hunter's choice for reliability, precision, and power, providing the confidence needed to take on the most challenging hunts.

This Ammo is Best For:

  • Hunters targeting larger game such as elk, moose, and bear.
  • Individuals who prioritize ethical hunting with quick, clean kills.
  • Shooters who value precision and consistency in their hunting ammunition.

Unique Features:

  • The legendary Core-Lokt bullet technology, which locks the lead core to the copper jacket, ensuring that the bullet retains mass and energy for maximum impact.
  • Engineered for precision accuracy, helping you make the most of every shot in the field.

About Remington:

Remington, established in 1816, stands as one of the oldest and most respected names in American firearms and ammunition manufacturing. Recognized for pioneering many advancements in the ammunition industry, Remington's products are manufactured with an unwavering commitment to quality and performance. Operating from Lonoke, Arkansas, Remington continues to innovate while maintaining the tradition and heritage that hunters and shooters have relied on for over two centuries.

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Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt 180gr PSPCL Ammunition FAQ:

This ammo is ideal for hunting big game, offering the performance needed for ethical, one-shot kills at various distances.

While primarily designed for hunting, its accuracy and reliability also make it suitable for target shooting and practice.

The Pointed Soft Point Core-Lokt design provides a balance between aerodynamic shape for flight stability and a soft point for controlled expansion upon impact, ensuring deep penetration.

Yes, it is designed to perform excellently in any rifle chambered for .30-06 Springfield, from bolt-actions to semi-automatics.

The 180-grain bullet is ideal for larger game, providing the necessary power and penetration for ethical kills on animals such as elk, moose, and bear.