Remington No. 9-1/2M Large Rifle Magnum Primers

Remington Ammo

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You’re ready to reload all the brass you’ve collected at the range. You’re looking for primers that will optimize your shooting experience. Remington’s No. 9 ½M Large Rifle Magnum Primers will do the job and then some. Whether you’re reloading for your .270, your .308, or some other large caliber rifle, these primers will do the trick.

Remington No. 9-1/2M Large Rifle Magnum Primers Highlights

  • Factory Tested – For temperatures between -20 degrees F to 150 degrees F. These primers have a larger strike zone so that your gun will always fire when you pull the trigger.
  • Mixture – Formulated to avoid any corrosive materials that would damage your gun.
  • ALL PRIMERS are shipped SIGNATURE REQUIRED by default; this is required for HAZMAT shipments.

One of the older ammunition companies around, Remington produces high-quality ammo that gets the job done. You won’t regret loading up your ammo with Remington 9 ½M Large Rifle magnum Primers. But you may regret going with someone else.

No ammo primers are eligible for returns, and all primers must ship with signature required. We ship anywhere in the United States (with some restrictions). Call us at (972) 652-0196 to discuss your questions about Remington No. 9-1/2M Large Rifle Magnum Primers.

Remington No. 9-1/2 Large Rifle Primers - Magnum FAQ:

Remington primers are manufactured in Lonoke, Arkansas.

You should never tumble any ammo, as it could detonate. Or it could change where the powder is inside the shell and injure you when shooting.

Different firearms use different primers. You can find rifle primers, shotgun primers, and pistol primers. All of which have small primer and large primer options.