Remington Nitro Turkey 12 Gauge 3" 1 7/8 oz #4 Shot

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12 Gauge
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When you're gearing up for turkey season, you need ammunition that delivers precision and power. The Remington Nitro Turkey 12 Gauge 3" 1 7/8 oz #4 Shot is designed for turkey hunters who demand the best. This ammo offers superior knockdown power, ensuring your shot counts when it matters most. With Remington's advanced engineering, you'll have the confidence to take down even the toughest toms.

Remington Nitro Turkey 12 Gauge Highlights:

  • Gauge: 12 Gauge
  • Shell Length: 3 inches
  • Shot Weight: 1 7/8 ounces
  • Shot Size: #4 shot
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1210 feet per second
  • Packaging: 10 rounds per box

This Ammo is Best For:

  • Turkey hunting enthusiasts
  • Hunters needing reliable, long-distance shot performance
  • Those looking for dense shot patterns for maximum effectiveness

Unique Features:

The Remington Nitro Turkey 12 Gauge ammo features a heavy payload for increased knockdown power and a specialized wad design for tighter shot patterns, ensuring you hit your target with precision. Additionally, the high brass construction provides consistent performance and reliability in every shot.

About Remington:

Remington has been a leading name in the firearms and ammunition industry since 1816. Known for their innovation and quality, Remington manufactures its ammunition in the USA, specifically in Lonoke, Arkansas. With a rich history of excellence, Remington continues to provide hunters and shooters with top-of-the-line products.

In summary, the Remington Nitro Turkey 12 Gauge 3" 1 7/8 oz #4 Shot offers powerful, precise performance for turkey hunting, thanks to its heavy payload and specialized design. With consistent reliability and dense shot patterns, this ammunition ensures your hunting success.

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Remington Nitro Turkey 12 Gauge FAQ:

While the shells can technically be reloaded, it is generally recommended to use new, factory-loaded ammunition for the best performance and reliability in hunting scenarios.

Due to the heavy load, hunters can expect a noticeable recoil. Proper shooting stance and technique can help manage this recoil effectively.

A full or extra-full choke is recommended to achieve the tightest possible shot pattern, maximizing the effectiveness of the #4 shot.

While designed for turkey hunting, this ammo can also be effective for other large birds and small game, provided the shot size and load meet the specific hunting requirements.

Yes, this ammo is designed for reliable performance in both pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns that can chamber 3" shells.