Sellier & Bellot 10mm 180gr FMJ Ammo

Sellier & Bellot Ammo

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10mm Auto
Sellier & Bellot
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You spend time practicing and shooting recreationally at the range. If you want to increase your skills for self-defense, Sellier & Bellot's 10mm round is perfect for you. 

Always dedicated to excellence, they recently merged with Magtech. Making them an even more competitive and quality-driven ammo company. This bullet is a great choice for leveling up your handgun skills.

Sellier & Bellot 10mm FMJ Highlights:

  • 10mm – A popular round for your self-defense handgun.
  • Velocity – 1,165 fps. On the lower end for 10mm velocities. This is great if you want less recoil and are shooting at nearer targets.
  • Brass Casing – Good if you’re looking to save your shells for reloading.
  • 180 Grain – Mid-range for 10mm ammo. It will create medium recoil and medium penetration. As compared to other grain weights.
  • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) – Cycles through your gun cleanly for a stress-free practice round. Penetrates the target without expansion.

Sellier & Bellot is one of the oldest ammo manufacturers in operation. They started ammo production in 1825 and have been perfecting excellent products ever since. With almost 200 years of experience, they deliver high-quality ammo to you every time.

All ammo is final sale with no returns. Check out our shipping restrictions for the United States to make sure we can ship to you. Please call us at (972) 652-0196 if you have questions about Sellier & Bellot ammo.

Sellier & Bellot 10mm 180 Grain FAQ:

Sellier & Bellot ammo is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Sellier & Bellot only produces and markets new ammo. They don’t sell seconds, reloads, or surplus.

Overall, 10mm caliber ammo is great for self-defense. However, be aware that FMJ ammo doesn’t expand and can penetrate through multiple objects, making it less than ideal for self-defense vs an expanding bullet. Always be aware of what’s behind your target when shooting FMJ.