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SinterFire Ammo: In Depth

SinterFire, a pioneering company in the ammunition industry, specializes in lead-free, frangible bullets designed for safer, more environmentally friendly shooting. Established in 1998, SinterFire has become a leader in the development of frangible technology, which allows bullets to break apart upon impact with hard surfaces, minimizing the risk of ricochet and back splatter. This makes their ammunition ideal for use in close-quarters training and indoor shooting ranges.

Based in Kersey, Pennsylvania , SinterFire is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. Their bullets are made using a unique, proprietary blend of copper and tin, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. SinterFire's products cater to a wide range of shooting needs, including tactical training, law enforcement, and personal defense.

Notably, SinterFire was the first company to offer a complete line of lead-free, frangible ammunition that is widely recognized for its safety and environmental benefits. They also provide specialized training rounds for military and law enforcement agencies, helping improve training efficiency while reducing potential hazards.

Through their commitment to safety, environmental consciousness, and high-quality manufacturing, SinterFire continues to set standards in the ammunition industry. Their innovative approach not only addresses the practical needs of shooters but also demonstrates a responsible stance towards health and environmental issues.

SinterFire Ammo History

SinterFire, established in 1998, is renowned for its innovative lead-free, frangible bullet technology, crucial for enhancing safety and environmental responsibility in ammunition manufacturing. Founders Daniel J. McElrath and David J. Salvetti started the company in Kersey, Pennsylvania , with a vision to create bullets that would fragment upon impact to reduce ricochet dangers and lead contamination in shooting environments.

The company initially catered to small arms manufacturers and ammunition reloaders but soon expanded its reach to significant sectors including law enforcement and military forces across the globe. This expansion was driven by SinterFire's development of a unique copper and tin composite for their projectiles, setting a new standard for safety and performance in training scenarios.

A major turning point for SinterFire came in 2023 when CBC Global Ammunition, a leading player in the global ammunition sector, acquired the company. This acquisition marked a significant milestone, integrating SinterFire into a larger family of ammunition brands under the CBC umbrella. The strategic alliance aims to leverage SinterFire’s pioneering technologies and CBC’s extensive resources to push the boundaries of ammunition safety and ecological sustainability.

Despite the acquisition, SinterFire continues to operate independently from its headquarters in Kersey, PA. The company remains focused on delivering high-quality, innovative products to its domestic OEM partners and servicing government and law enforcement agencies. This ongoing commitment ensures that SinterFire maintains its legacy of safety and innovation while benefiting from CBC’s global reach and expertise in ammunition manufacturing.

Under the umbrella of CBC, alongside other notable brands such as  Magtech Ammunition , MEN Germany, Sellier & Bellot Czech Republic, New Lachaussée Belgium and FritzWerner Germany, SinterFire is set to expand its impact on the ammunition industry, driving forward with advancements in frangible and lead-free ammunition technology. This partnership not only enhances SinterFire's ability to serve a global market but also aligns with CBC’s mission to provide safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible ammunition solutions worldwide.

SinterFire Ammunition

RHA (Reduced Hazard Ammo)

  • Use Case: Specifically engineered for a broad range of training applications, suitable for military, law enforcement, and civilian use in both indoor and outdoor settings. It excels in close quarter combat training and steel target shooting, providing a safe and effective training environment.
  • Unique Features: Designed with safety and environmental responsibility in mind, these lead-free frangible projectiles reduce airborne lead exposure and the risk of ricochet. They offer reduced environmental impact and are ideal for training scenarios that prioritize safety and health.

GL (GreenLine)

  • Use Case: Designed for extensive use across varied training environments, GreenLine ammunition is optimal for both indoor tactical drills and outdoor range activities. It supports rigorous training regimes involving close quarter combat and steel target engagement.
  • Unique Features: GreenLine rounds are environmentally friendly, using both lead-free projectiles and primers, reducing environmental impact without compromising performance. This line offers an eco-conscious choice for users who require reliable and safe ammunition for comprehensive training.

SD (Special Duty)

  • Use Case: Ideal for law enforcement and self-defense, especially effective in securing sensitive environments like courtrooms, hospitals, and schools. These rounds provide safety and efficacy in densely populated or sensitive areas.
  • Unique Features: Special Duty rounds are engineered to offer maximum stopping power with controlled fragmentation, minimizing the risk of pass-through and collateral damage in crowded settings. This design enhances safety in defense situations where traditional ammunition could pose greater risks.

NXG (Next Generation)

  • Use Case: A lead-free alternative to traditional lead ball ammunition, NXG is perfect for both indoor and outdoor training applications. It is used extensively in training programs that emphasize environmental responsibility alongside high-quality training outcomes.
  • Unique Features: NXG projectiles offer the performance of traditional ammunition but are crafted from monolithic copper, eliminating health and environmental concerns associated with lead. They provide a durable and safe training option for all levels of operation.

SinterFire Projectiles

Standard Frangible Projectiles

  • Use Case: Suitable for a variety of training scenarios, including indoor and outdoor ranges, close quarter combat, and engagements involving steel targets. These projectiles cater to military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters.
  • Unique Features: The projectiles are designed to break apart upon impact with hard surfaces, reducing ricochet risks. This feature significantly enhances the safety of live-fire training, ensuring a secure environment for all participants.

Frangible Hollow Points

  • Use Case: Optimally designed for self-defense and law enforcement duties in environments where safety and precision are paramount, such as courtrooms, hospitals, and schools. These hollow points provide effective stopping power in critical defense situations.
  • Unique Features: These hollow points maximize fragmentation upon impact, significantly reducing the risks associated with traditional hollow points, making them particularly suitable for defensive use in sensitive or populated areas.

NXG Projectiles

  • Use Case: These non-frangible monolithic copper projectiles are used for comprehensive training that requires durable, lead-free ammunition. They are ideal for organizations that need to adhere to strict environmental regulations while maintaining effective training standards.
  • Unique Features: Made from a monolithic copper blend, these projectiles are an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to lead ball ammunition. They provide high performance with the added benefit of being safer for both the environment and the shooters.

Where is SinterFire Ammo Made?

SinterFire is renowned for being a leading manufacturer of lead-free, frangible bullets and ammunition, particularly favored around the world for government, law enforcement training, and sports shooting. The entirety of SinterFire’s production is based in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Kersey, Pennsylvania, USA.

Established in 1998, SinterFire has been at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly and safer ammunition options. Their facility in Pennsylvania boasts a 22,000 square foot area dedicated to manufacturing. This facility not only serves as their production hub but also includes both indoor and outdoor test ranges, with access to a local 1,000-yard rifle range, ensuring their products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

SinterFire’s production capabilities are impressive, with the ability to produce over 500 million components per year thanks to their high-speed manufacturing equipment. This capacity underlines their position as a major player in the ammunition industry, particularly in the niche of green, lead-free ammunition.

The company prides itself on continuous innovation, having developed several patented and patent-pending products that address both environmental and safety concerns in shooting. All SinterFire products are crafted using an exclusive blend of metal composites, optimized for controlled frangibility and reduced hazards, such as ricochet, along with enhanced velocity and accuracy while lowering chamber pressure and bore wear.

SinterFire is deeply embedded in the local community, actively participating in various local initiatives and supporting numerous community services and activities. This involvement reflects their commitment not only to innovation and quality in manufacturing but also to ethical business practices and community engagement.

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