Fiocchi 38A Range Dynamics 38 Special 130gr FMJ Ammo

Fiocchi Ammo

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.38 Special
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You like shooting at the range and are focused on increasing accuracy for self-defense. The Fiocchi 38A Range Dynamics round gives you the round you need to succeed. Known to produce ammo that offers precision and accuracy, Fiocchi will help you get to the top of your game – the easy way.

Fiocchi Range Dynamics 38 Special Ammo Highlights:

  • .38 Special Good for running through your revolver.
  • Velocity – 950 fps. This is on the faster end for this bullet weight, giving your round extra energy and penetration when you hit the target.
  • Brass Casing – Great if you enjoy reloading your rounds.
  • 130 Grain – On the lighter end for the .38 Special. This helps it maintain speed and accuracy over longer distances.
  • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) – Gives you great penetration without expansion and cycles cleanly through your gun.

Fiocchi is a premium brand that has been perfecting their ammo since 1876. With a long history of honing their craft, they work to always bring you clean burning, accurate ammunition. While they were originally based in Italy, the bulk of their ammo is now produced in America. 

Pick up a box of Fiocchi 38A Range Dynamics today and see how high quality it is for yourself!

Important information - our policy prohibits returns for ammo products, and shipping restrictions may apply. If you have questions about Fiocchi 38 Special ammo, reach us at (972) 652-0196.

Fiocchi 38 Special Ammo FAQ:

Because of its small size, the .38 special is favored as a concealed carry weapon.

The .38 Special has about half the chamber pressure that a 9mm has. This makes it less powerful.

Because it is designed to penetrate without expansion, this round would not be good for self-defense. It could go straight through your target and into the person behind them. This is a budget-friendly option for practicing defending yourself at the range.