Hornady .243 Winchester Precision Hunter 90gr ELD-X Ammo

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.243 Win
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You like hunting antelope, deer, and coyotes. You need a round that’s fast and will get the job done. Hornady’s .243 Winchester Precision Hunter is perfect for you. 

Hornady .243 Winchester Precision Hunter 90gr Highlights:

  • 243 Winchester Shoot this with your favorite bolt-action rifle. 
  • Velocity – 3,150 fps. This is extremely fast, especially for this weight of bullet. Great for your long-distance hunting.
  • Brass Casing – Reloadable when you finish up your hunt.
  • 90 Grain – One of the heavier weights for this round. This gives you extremely good penetration of your target. 
  • Extremely Low Drag eXpanding (ELD-X) – For weight retention, controlled expansion, and an aerodynamic heat-controlled tip. This gives you extreme accuracy and great penetration as your round expands in the target for a larger wound channel and a quicker kill.

Hornady is one of the leading ammunition companies in the world. With extremely high-quality ammo, Hornady’s made a name for themselves by creating innovative rounds for a wide range of uses. 

Pick up a box of Hornady’s Precision Hunter ELD-X line of ammo before your next hunt. 

Southern Defense Notice: Our policy dictates no returns for ammo products; there might be shipping restrictions. Reach out at (972) 652-0196 for any queries about Hornady Precision Hunter.

Hornady .243 Winchester Precision Hunter ELD-X FAQ:

Hornady’s ELD-X bullet is great for hunting because its heat shield tip drives backward on impact and causes expansion as it penetrates. Add that feature to its aerodynamic flight pattern, and you have an accurate round that kills extremely quickly.

Hornady’s Precision Hunter ammo line is loaded to extreme quality specifications. Tested in many different weather conditions, it’s designed to perform no matter what. This is a premium ammo line for hunting.

Hornady’s .243 Winchester 90 grain round is great for shooters who prefer light recoil and extreme accuracy. This also makes it a good choice for youth hunters (with supervision).