Hornady .270 Winchester Precision Hunter 145gr ELD-X Ammo

Hornady Ammo

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.270 Win
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You need a round for your next big game hunt. Accuracy is important because you may need to make your shot at a distance. Hornady’s .270 Win 145 grain will do the trick. 

Hornady .270 Winchester Precision Hunter 145 Grain Highlights:

  • 270 Winchester Great for cycling through your bolt action hunting rifle. 
  • Velocity – 2,970 fps. Very fast for this weight. Maximizes your bullet speed for long-distance shooting.
  • Brass Casing – Reload your casings to maximize your investment.
  • 145 Grain – one of the heavier grains for this round. Provides you with extreme penetration on impact. 
  • Extremely Low Drag eXpanding (ELD-X) – Gives you weight retention, aerodynamic bullet trajectory, and extreme expansion when your round hits the target.

An American company, Hornady ammo designs innovative products that deliver results. Hornady offers extremely high-quality ammunition and will level up your shooting in no time. Need a good hunting round? Pick up a box of Hornady .270 Winchester Precision Hunter and get ready to shoot your big game animal.

Attention - Southern Defense Ammo: We don't accept returns for our ammo products, which might be subject to shipping restrictions. Queries about Hornady .270 Win? Call us at (972) 652-0196.

Hornady .270 Winchester Precision Hunter ELD-X FAQ:

Hornady’s ELD-X projectiles expand well due to specific design choices. Their heat-resistant tips drive backward into the bullet on impact. This causes controlled, continuous expansion as the round passes through the animal, creating a large wound that kills with the correct shot placement.

If you’re a die-hard hunter and want a round that has superior expansion on impact then Hornady Precision Hunter ammo is a great choice. It’s a premium line; the projectile design means you’ll only have to take one shot to kill your target. Making it more than worth your investment.

Hornady .270 Winchester 145 grain ammo is good for both medium and large game. It is rated for 50-1500lb animals according to their ammo specifications.