Hornady Varmint Express .17 HMR 15.5gr NTX Lead-Free Ammo

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.17 HMR
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You like shooting varmints. Whether you like to shoot in lead-free areas or are concerned for your own safety, you need a very specific type of round. Hornady Varmint Express Rimfire NTX  Ammo is a great option for you. Offering safety and fun, you can’t go round with this round.

Hornady Varmint Express Rimfire 17 HMR 15.5 Grain Highlights:

  • 17 HMR Bullets A very versatile round. Popular for bolt action, lever action, pump action, semi-automatic, and pistols.
  • Velocity – 2,525 fps. As one of the few projectiles with this grain weight, this is still a very fast round. It will get your bullet to your medium to long-range target with no problem.
  • Brass Casing – Ready for you to reload when you're done shooting prairie dogs. 
  • 15.5 Grain – A very low weight for this round. Enjoy almost no recoil while you're out having fun.
  • Non-toxic lead-free (NTX) – For shooting in lead-free areas. Some states or areas require lead-free ammo for environmental reasons or around fragile ecosystems. Lead-free is also preferred by some health-conscious shooters. If you’re shooting at indoor ranges a lot, lead exposure may be more significant than at outdoor ranges.

You can always count on Hornady to produce ammo with exceptional quality and accuracy. Pick up a box of Hornady non-toxic lead-free 17 HMR ammo today and feel safe at the range.

Southern Defense Ammo Return Policy: Returns for our ammo products are not permitted, and they may be subject to shipping restrictions. For inquiries about Hornady Varmint Express 17 HMR, contact us at (972) 652-0196.

Hornady Varmint Express 17 HMR Non-Toxic Lead-Free FAQ:

For use in areas that don’t allow shooting with lead. The NTX round uses a copper alloy as a non-traditional core to replace the lead core found in most ammo.

Rimfire ammo is designed with the primer on the side rather than in the center. The firing pin, which ignites the primer, crushes the rim to fire the bullet. It tends to cost less, be less noisy, and provide you with less recoil.

Hornady’s Varmint Express ammo is designed for shooting prairie dogs, foxes, coyotes, and other small varmints and predators.