Hornady Varmint Express .17 HMR 20gr Hollow Point XTP Ammo

Hornady Ammo

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.17 HMR
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You like shooting prairie dogs every weekend. You need a round that's going to hold up in the field and this is it. Hornady Varmint Express Rimfire Ammo is specifically designed with your needs and wants in mind. 

Hornady Varmint Express Rimfire 17 HMR 20 Grain Highlights:

  • 17 HMR Shoot this through your bolt action rifle. You can also find lever action, semi-automatic, pump action, and pistols to shoot 17 HMR with. 
  • Velocity – 2,375 fps. An average speed for this weight of ammo. It is fast and gives you the maximum penetration for this round. You’ll have no problem dropping prairie dogs at a distance.
  • Brass Casing – For all your reloading needs. 
  • 20 Grain – On the heavier side for 17HMR. It will give you maximum accuracy and penetration of varmints and predators.
  • Hollow Point eXtreme Terminal Performance (XTP) – Gives you great expansion on impact. It also gives you extremely accurate flight patterns for longer-distance shooting.

Hornady Ammunition may be one of the more expensive brands on the market, but that’s because you can always count on their ammo to perform. An American company, Hornady gives you precision and accuracy with every shot. 

Grab a box of Hornady 17HMR Varmint Express Rimfire today and get ready to have some fun in the field!

Please Note: Southern Defense does not accept returns for ammo products, and they may be subject to shipping restrictions. If you have questions about Hornady Varmint Express Rimfire ammo, reach out to us at (972) 652-0196.

Hornady Varmint Express Rimfire 17 HMR Hollow Point XTP FAQ:

Designed by necking down the 22 WMR, Hornady’s goal in creating the 17 HMR was to create a faster version of the 22, and one that flew with a flatter trajectory. They definitely succeeded.

Hornady’s Hollow Point XTP is designed to cycle very smoothly through your gun. The hollow point combined with specialized varying jacket thicknesses at key points, causes the round to expand rapidly on impact for a larger wound channel. The serrations on the round’s interior increase the expansion capabilities and the lead core is designed for extra balance in flight. All this makes it a very lethal round.

Heavier-weight bullets may offer less speed, but they do give you better accuracy and penetration of your target.