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Prvi Partizan Ammo: In Depth

Prvi Partizan, or PPU, is a renowned ammunition manufacturer based in Uzice, Serbia, with a history dating back to 1928. As a major industry player, it bolsters the regional economy, employing over 1,000 people in three facilities. PPU's extensive catalog features over 400 types of ammunition for a variety of firearms, including rifles, pistols, and small arms. Notably, it produces APFSDS (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) ammunition, famed for its long dart penetrator, alongside sporting, hunting, and small arms ammunition.

Recognized as one of Europe's most established and versatile ammunition producers, Prvi Partizan is committed to excellence. Through rigorous quality control and skilled workmanship, PPU ensures its ammunition meets high reliability and performance standards. Catering to the Serbian military, international forces, and sports shooters globally, Prvi Partizan continues to lead in innovation, maintaining its esteemed position in the ammunition industry for nearly a century.

Prvi Partizan Ammo History

Prvi Partizan's history began in 1928 when Slovenian Jakob Posinger, aiming to expand his business, relocated his workshop from Kranj, Slovenia, to Uzice, Serbia. This move was encouraged by the Yugoslavian army and government, with the goal of producing hunting rifles and pistol ammunition. Starting operations within the Yugoslavian military barracks, the factory quickly ramped up, employing 150 workers dedicated to the production of various ammunition calibers and firearms specifically for the Yugoslavian army.

A pivotal moment in the company's evolution occurred in 1935 when Uzice authorities provided Posinger land for the construction of a new facility. This event marked the creation of the Balkans' first private arms and ammunition factory, known as the Factory of Arms and Ammunition in Uzice.

The advent of World War II brought significant challenges to Prvi Partizan, as the factory suffered severe damage at the hands of occupying forces, including the destruction of its administrative building. Despite these challenges, the liberation of the town in 1941 enabled the factory to resume operations under the control of the Partisan military authorities. It played a crucial role in supplying the National Liberation Army (Partisans) with essential weaponry, such as "thin and long rifles" and hand grenades. The factory's operations were severely impacted on November 22nd by a sabotage-induced explosion, resulting in the tragic loss of over 120 lives.

In a significant post-war development on September 5th, 1947, the factory was renamed "Prvi Partizan" and became a state-owned enterprise. This transformation marked a new chapter for the company as it continued to make strides in the ammunition manufacturing industry, upholding its commitment to innovation and quality in serving both military and civilian sectors worldwide.

PPU Ammunition Products Overview


  • Calibers: .223 Remington , .308 Winchester, .338 Lapua Magnum, 6.5mm Creedmoor .
  • Use Case: These calibers excel in tactical and long-range hunting applications, making them ideal for precision shooters looking to exceed their skill and equipment's limits at great distances.
  • Unique Features: The Supreme Line, with its Sierra MatchKing bullets, offers a combination of surgical precision and consistency, setting a new standard in long-range shooting accuracy.


  • Calibers: 5.56x45mm , 7.62x51, .50 BMG, 9x19.
  • Use Case: Beyond competitive shooting, this line supports law enforcement professionals in tactical training, delivering consistent performance under demanding conditions.
  • Unique Features: The commitment to minimal variation ensures consistent high performance with every shot, enhancing shooter confidence and precision.


  • Calibers: 9mm Luger, .45 ACP .
  • Use Case: Suitable for both novices practicing fundamentals and experienced shooters seeking cost-effective training options.
  • Unique Features: The RANGE Line strikes an ideal balance between cost and quality, facilitating accessible and regular practice sessions for shooters.


  • Calibers: .32 Auto, .380 Auto, 10MM Auto, .45 Auto, .40 S&Ws , 7.62x25 Tokarev, 9mm Luger, 9x18 Makarov, .357 Magnum.
  • Use Case: Optimized for self-defense, offering the necessary reliability and stopping power in critical self-defense situations.
  • Unique Features: Advanced hollow point bullet technology maximizes threat neutralization while minimizing over-penetration, enhancing safety and efficacy.


  • Calibers: 9mm Luger, 7.62x51, 7.62x39.
  • Use Case: Designed for stealth operations and noise-sensitive environments, these rounds are also favored by hunters for their reduced noise.
  • Unique Features: Subsonic velocities ensure discreet presence, crucial in tactical situations or when maintaining stealth in wildlife management.


  • Calibers: “.22 Hornet, .30 Carbine, .30-06 Springfield, .303 British, .338 Lapua Magnum, .375 H&H Magnum, .45-70 Government.
  • Use Case: Targeting not only competitive shooters but also law enforcement and military marksmen needing peak accuracy for training and operational effectiveness.
  • Unique Features: Precision manufacturing leads to ammunition that provides tight groupings at long ranges, epitomizing accuracy and reliability.


  • Calibers: A wide range of Remington and Winchester calibers, along with other calibers such as .22 Hornet, .30 Carbine, .30-06 Springfield, .303 British, .338 Lapua Magnum, .375 H&H MAGNUM, .45-70 Government, .300 AAC Blackout , and 6.5 Grendel.
  • Use Case: Provides a reliable option for hunters and sports shooters, accommodating a wide range of game and shooting disciplines.
  • Unique Features: The variety available allows shooters to select the best round for any scenario, emphasizing performance and versatility.


  • Calibers: The range of available calibers includes 6.5mm options, 7mm to 7.65mm calibers, 7.9mm to 8mm varieties, and 9.3mm options, catering to a diverse array of shooting needs and preferences.
  • Use Case: Meets the needs of shooters with rifles chambered in popular metric calibers, offering quality ammunition for global hunting and shooting preferences.
  • Unique Features: A broad selection addresses the requirements of international markets, reflecting Prvi Partizan's dedication to catering to shooters' diverse needs worldwide.

Leadless and Blank Ammunition

Prvi Partizan also addresses environmental concerns and training needs with their leadless and blank ammunition lines. The Leadless Line offers reduced exposure to lead, both for the shooter and the environment, without compromising on performance. Ideal for indoor ranges and areas with strict lead regulations, this ammunition ensures a safer shooting experience. The Blank Ammunition is designed for training exercises, ceremonial use, and film production, providing the sound and feel of real gunfire without the projectile. This addition showcases Prvi Partizan's commitment to innovation and meeting the varied needs of their clientele, from operational training to environmental responsibility.

Where is Prvi Partizan Ammo Made?

Prvi Partizan ammo, a hallmark of excellence and reliability in ammunition manufacturing, is produced in the city of Užice, located in the Republic of Serbia, a country in Europe and an ex-main Yugoslav republic. Since its founding in 1928, Prvi Partizan has been committed to creating a broad range of ammunition. The company has always ensured that each round of ammunition adheres to the highest standards, serving the diverse needs of the military, police forces, hunters, and sport shooters globally. Notably, Prvi Partizan has been a key supplier to the Yugoslavian, and now Serbian, military and police forces, cementing its role as a pivotal player in the defense sector.

Who Makes Prvi Partizan Ammo?

Prvi Partizan A.D., the force behind the renowned "PPU Prvi Partizan" brand, is recognized worldwide for its high-quality ammunition products. With a legacy spanning nearly a century, Prvi Partizan ammunition is the go-to choice for discerning shooters around the globe, thanks to the company's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Prvi Partizan's extensive product line is not only favored by domestic users in Serbia but is also exported across continents, reaching customers in the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America, and beyond. This global distribution network underscores Prvi Partizan's significant impact on the international market, making "PPU Prvi Partizan" a trusted brand among military, law enforcement, and recreational shooters worldwide.

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Prvi Partizan (PPU) is well-regarded for producing high-quality ammunition that caters to both civilian and military markets worldwide. With a broad product range including over 400 types of rifle, handgun, and revolver ammunition, PPU is praised for its reliability and performance across various shooting disciplines​​​​.

Prvi Partizan manufactures non-corrosive ammunition, adhering to modern standards that ensure safety and longevity for firearms. The primer used in PPU commercial ammunition is specifically non-corrosive and non-mercuric, making it suitable for a wide range of shooting activities and firearm maintenance routines​​.

Prvi Partizan brass is recognized for its quality and durability, making it a popular choice among reloaders. The company's commitment to precise workmanship and quality control contributes to the brass's consistency and reliability, favored by those who reload their own ammunition for various shooting needs​​.

PPU ammunition is manufactured in Užice, southwestern Serbia. Prvi Partizan has been producing ammunition in this location since its establishment in 1928, contributing significantly to the local and international ammunition markets​​.

Yes, PPU manufactures ammunition specifically designed for hunting, offering products like standard expanding rounds for thin-skinned game and GROM rounds for larger game. These offerings make PPU ammunition suitable for hunters seeking reliable and effective options​​​​.

Prvi Partizan produces a wide variety of ammunition, including standard and metric rifle cartridges, handgun ammunition, and specialized lines like Supreme, Subsonic, Rangemaster, Defense, Match, Range, and blank ammunition, serving both the civilian and military markets​​​​.

Prvi Partizan emphasizes strict quality control and precision in manufacturing, utilizing modern equipment and rigorous testing procedures. This commitment is underlined by their ISO 9001:2008 and SORS 9000/05 certifications, ensuring reliable and high-performance ammunition​​.

Yes, Prvi Partizan offers leadless ammunition options, catering to the growing demand for environmentally safer shooting solutions. This reflects their commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility​​.

Prvi Partizan's long history since 1928, combined with a broad product range and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, has established it as a reputable and reliable ammunition manufacturer. Their versatility in producing a wide array of ammunition types, including some unusual and obsolete cartridges, underscores their significant role in the global ammunition market​.