PPU 22-250 Rem 55gr SP Ammo

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Prvi Partizan

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Prvi Partizan
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If you're a hunter or a target shooter searching for high-quality ammunition that offers exceptional accuracy and performance, the PPU 22-250 Rem 55gr SP Ammo is your ideal match. Designed to deliver outstanding precision and reliability, this ammo is perfect for those who demand the best for their shooting activities. Let's explore the features that make this ammunition a must-have for your next outing.

Prvi Partizan (PPU) 22-250 Remington 55gr Soft Point Ammo Highlights:

  • Caliber: 22-250 Rem. A fast and flat-shooting caliber, perfect for varmint hunting and long-range target shooting.
  • Bullet Weight: 55 grains. This weight provides an excellent balance of velocity and terminal performance.
  • Bullet Type: Soft Point (SP). The SP bullet design ensures controlled expansion upon impact, making it ideal for hunting as it delivers effective energy transfer to the target.
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3,680 feet per second. The high velocity enhances the bullet's flat trajectory and reduces time to target, improving accuracy at longer ranges.
  • Muzzle Energy: 1,655 foot-pounds. Offers potent energy on impact for efficient performance on game or in competitive settings.
  • The Bottom Line: PPU 22-250 Rem 55gr SP Ammo combines speed, precision, and effective terminal performance, making it a top choice for hunters and precision shooters alike.

This Ammo is Best For:

  • Varmint and small game hunters who require precise shot placement and effective terminal performance.
  • Long-range target shooters looking for ammunition with a flat trajectory and minimal wind drift.
  • Individuals seeking reliable ammunition for tactical training or competition shooting.

Unique Features:

PPU's commitment to quality is evident in every round of 22-250 Rem 55gr SP Ammo. Manufactured with precision-engineered cases and bullets, this ammo provides consistent performance shot after shot. The soft point design ensures that each round delivers the right balance between penetration and expansion for a humane and efficient hunt.

About PPU:

Prvi Partizan (PPU) has been a leader in the ammunition industry since 1928. Based in Užice, Serbia, PPU is known worldwide for its dedication to quality, reliability, and innovation. With a rich history of producing ammunition for both civilian and military markets, PPU continues to set the standard with its wide range of products, all manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

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 PPU 22-250 Remington 55gr Soft Point Ammunition FAQ: 

Yes, the 22-250 Rem 55gr SP is capable of taking down deer, especially at moderate ranges, thanks to its high velocity and the bullet's controlled expansion.

Yes, this ammunition is designed to be used in rifles chambered for the 22-250 Rem caliber. Always confirm compatibility with your firearm's manufacturer.

Soft point bullets offer the advantage of controlled expansion, which increases the bullet's energy transfer to the target for a quicker, more humane kill.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources and humidity. Ensure it's locked away securely, out of reach of children and unauthorized persons.

Yes, PPU uses high-quality brass cases that are popular among reloaders for their durability and reloadability.