Saltech .308 Winchester 147gr FMJ Ammo

Saltech Ammo

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You want a budget-friendly round for practicing at the range. You’re getting ready for hunting season or practicing for long-range competition. The Saltech .308 Winchester 147 grain FMJ is perfect for your needs. 

Saltech .308 Winchester Highlights:

  • .308 Winchester – Good for a wide variety of rifles. Including your hunting rifle or your AR10.
  • Velocity – 2,788 fps. This is average for a 147 grain .308. This will give you a fairly straight trajectory on your long-range shots.
  • Brass Casing – Good for reloading purposes. Save your brass and make it work for you twice.
  • 147 Grain – One of the lower grain weights for .308 bullets. This makes it popular for long-range shooting as it will lose less speed through flight.
  • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) – It cycles cleanly through your gun, leading to fewer headaches at the range. Its penetration and lack of expansion don’t make it ideal for taking in the field hunting, but it’s great for practice.

Saltech stands for Swiss Ammunition and Law Enforcement Technology. The name says it all. With an emphasis on providing ammo to law enforcement companies, their ammo is known for being accurate and precise.

All ammo is nonreturnable. Some restrictions apply to shipping that limit where we ship in the United States. Please call (972)652-0196 with questions about Saltech .308 ammo.

Saltech .308 Winchester FAQ:

Saltech ammo is made in Switzerland by a private company.

The .308 is a good close-range and long-range cartridge. It is very versatile and is favored for both hunting and target practice, as well as being used by many of the world's militaries.

Saltech emphasizes ammo produced for security and defense, so they hold their ammo production to very high standards.